Light Blue-White Grid Check Easy-Care Dress Shirt

$ 150 Regular price

Light Blue-White Grid Check Easy-Care Dress Shirt

$ 150 Regular price

The Highlights

Non-wrinkle fabric to make your life easier when getting dressed.
We’ve added extra buttons to make sure you avoid the dreaded chest gap.
Features a spread collar for a more polished look.


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This classic dress shirt was made in Italy with 100% cotton poplin. Thanks to a special wrinkle free treatment, this shirt will not need to be ironed for at least 10-12 washes.. Featuring a spread collar, this fancy shirt is the perfect addition to your work and wedding wardrobe.

    1. Wrinkle Free Poplin
    2. 100% Cotton
    3. Spread style collar
    4. Medium weight fabric
    5. 9 button front - reduced boob gape
    6. White buttons
    7. Made in Italy


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Collars That Stand On Their Own

Structured Collar

Many of us dapper folks love to sport a bow tie or tie to spruce up our look. But most women’s shirts are not designed to be worn this way and often bunch up. No floppy collars here! We added structure and made it smaller all around, so the collar will keep its shape when buttoned or unbuttoned.

Shirts That Stay Tucked In

Extra Length

Our dress shirts are designed with 1 inch of extra length vs our casual shirts, so you can feel confident that your shirt will stay nicely tucked in regardless of what moves you are throwing down on the dance floor!

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Anonymous (Arlington, US)
Nice shirt, okay sizing

This shirt feels really nice! And it fits... just barely. It's tight through the shoulders and particularly in the upper arm, even though I'm solidly within the size range for size 10 (30" waist, 36" bust). I wish that the size chart included shoulder span and bicep circumference measurements.

Elissa (Colorado Springs, US)
See Through

5'3'', 125# Size 4, WHITE. Long Torso and No Hips. I wanted to love this shirt so badly and I did, until I looked in the mirror. The fit was perfect, as good as a custom fit BUT I could not get past how see through the shirt was. The fabric was very thin and translucent, there is no way I could have worn this shirt without a Jacket or a long sleeve undershirt. I am pretty fair skinned, and you could see my pink skin shining through the arms. After reading all of the reviews I am shocked, how I am the only on to have ever mentioned this.

L.M. (Brooklyn, US)
Really nice shirt

This is a very nice dress shirt, that fits well and is comfortable. But you may need to size up for shoulders/arms. The material has a nice heft to it, works with a tie and under a blazer, and fits over my hips while not ballooning around the torso. I did have to size up, given my arms and biceps from working out. But the next size didn't mean a baggy torso. For reference, I'm a transman, 5'1, about 140 pounds, and got a size 10.

Holli B. (Calhoun, US)
When you buy a premium dress shirt, buy this one.

I’ve never found dress shirts that fit remotely close to this one. This shirt fits me perfectly. I have larger biceps/triceps and shoulders from working out. The shirt fits like a custom shirt. It’s fitting in the correct spots and loose where it need to be.
This is completely incredible. I love it and will buy more.
Go ahead and pull the trigger on this shirt.
You won’t regret it. Totally worth it.

Angie O. (Oklahoma City, US)
Fits perfectly!

It's beautifully cut and flattering on the waist. The fabric is comfortable and classic. I really love the shape of the collar too!

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