Button-Up Shirts

Our shirts are available in sizes 0-24. The best way to determine your size is to gather your waist and chest measurements and compare that to our size guides below.

Take your body measurements by using a measuring tape to measure around the fullest part of your chest and your waist. Then compare that to our body measurements chart below to determine the best size.

There is approximately an inch difference between each size, so if you are unsure about your size, we think it really comes down to how you like to wear your shirts. For a looser fit, go with the size up, or if you like a more slim cut, go with the size down. Still unsure, check out our FAQs below or shoot us an e-mail and we are happy to answers more questions to help you pick out the right size.

shirt size
Shirt Size Chart

Find Your Body Match

Sometimes it’s most helpful to see how it fits on a body like yours. Use our guide below to find the person and size range that best matches your body type and size. Take your measurements and compare that to some of our models.

Still unsure of your size?

We can help! Head to our Contact Us page or Email us at yourfriends@kirrinfinch.com and our fit expert will help you figure out your size.

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  • FAQ

  • How do Kirrin Finch shirts fit?

    Our shirts are subtly tailored with a relaxed fit. What that means is that they are designed to provide a sharp tailored aesthetic taking into consideration the curves of the body without overly accentuating them. They are neither boxy or tightly fitted, just perfectly in the middle. In terms of length, they are constructed so that they can be untucked for a more casual look or tucked in when you want to dress it up. For more information about fit, check out our Design & Fit page.

  • I don’t wear women’s clothing, how do Kirrin Finch sizes compare to men’s sizes?

    In comparison to typical men’s garments, Kirrin Finch clothing will provide a little more room in the chest and hip area, and be smaller across the shoulders. In comparison to typical women’s garments, Kirrin Finch garments are not as shaped, so for example our shirts do not have darts and are not as cinched at the waist. In terms of sizing, the easiest way to determine what size you will be in our shirts is to measure the circumference around your waist, hips and chest and compare that to our body measurement sizing chart above.

  • Are you planning to offer larger sizes in the future?

    Currently we offer 13 sizes in a range from 0-24 which is more than most other clothing brands. However, we understand that there are many people looking for sizes that go beyond this range. In our second year, we expanded to include a size 18 and then added a size 0 and 20 in our third year. And recently we just added sizes 22 and 24. We are hoping to continue expanding our size range as we grow as a business.