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The Kirrin Finch Story

We challenge fashion industry norms for what is considered menswear & womenswear and instead focus on creating great fitting clothing that makes you feel comfortable & confident in who you are. Learn more about what makes us, us.

The Why

We Were Searching Too

Kirrin Finch is a conscientious clothing company, founded by Brooklyn-based couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, that meets the growing demand for gender-defying fashion by creating menswear-inspired apparel designed to fit a range of female and non-binary bodies. The inspiration for the business was borne out of our own frustration at being unable to find clothes that match our personal style. As women who tend to gravitate towards button-up shirts and bow ties, we often find ourselves envying the clothes in the men's section, but are always frustrated because they are not designed to fit a woman's body.

A Brand Beyond Us

Behind Our Name

The name, Kirrin Finch, was inspired by iconic fictional tomboys "Georgina Kirrin" from The Famous Five series and "Scout Finch" from To Kill A Mockingbird. Both these characters embrace the tomboy spirit and are not constrained by society's views of how a woman should behave or dress. You'll probably notice that each shirt takes on the name of a tomboy character.

The Brand Story

Why We Founded Kirrin Finch

Listen to Laura & Kelly share their experience about shopping for their wedding day and all the conversations that would eventually inspire the founding of Kirrin Finch

The what

Giving Back to Our Community

At Kirrin Finch, giving back to the LGBTQ+ community and empowering women is central to who we are as people, and to the core of our company.

We want every person to feel like themselves and we understand personally what the power of clothes can do to help achieve that. We work with our community to highlight all walks of life and styles of fashion, & we hope you feel represented here.

Menswear Inspired Design

Designing for You

Today, people are questioning traditional notions of gender and embracing the freedom to be themselves. That’s why we created a collection of menswear-inspired button-up shirts that combine the design and aesthetic of menswear with the perfect fit for the female body.

We don’t want you to experience ill-fitting menswear or overly frilly womenswear ever again. That’s why we went through a rigorous process to ensure our customers receive the best fitting garments possible.

Ethically Made Clothing

Sustainable Practices

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, second only to the oil industry. That's why we believe it is essential for our brand to have environmentally sustainable practices.

We think the person making it is just as important as the person wearing it. That's why we scour the globe to find factories with fair labor and ethical manufacturing practices.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.

Our Designs

Learn More About Our Revolutionary Design

CLothes that Feel good

We Care About How Your Clothes Fit