• Dapper shirts that
    finally fit you.

Menswear Inspired Design

Today, people are questioning traditional notions of gender and embracing the freedom to be themselves. That’s why we created a collection of menswear-inspired button-up shirts that combine the design and aesthetic of menswear with the perfect fit for the female body.


Having your shirt gape over your bust isn’t cute. Which is why we have added extra buttons. This reduces the strain on the buttons over the boobs, making it less likely to gape. Oh and an extra bonus is that the buttons are on the right side, just like a men’s shirt. No more extra dry cleaning costs!


Okay so if you haven’t noticed, we love fun pops of color. We are inspired by British designers who add bold prints in unexpected places. Look for fun accents on our shirts in the collar, cuff, gusset, and even the buttons. It makes us smile. We hope it will make you smile too!


Many of us dapper folks love to sport a bow tie or tie to spruce up our look. But most women’s shirts are not designed to be worn this way and often bunch up. No floppy collars here! We added structure and made it smaller all around, so the collar will keep its shape when buttoned or unbuttoned.

Dapper Fit

We don’t want you to experience ill-fitting menswear or overly frilly womenswear
ever again. That’s why we went through a rigorous process to ensure our
customers receive the best fitting garments possible.


Darts, yuck! We are so not into that curvy feminine look you get with darts. By removing the darts often seen in women’s shirts, and creating a straighter cut, our shirts have the look and feel of a men's shirt, without sacrificing fit.


There is nothing worse than a shirt that won’t stay tucked in or is too long untucked. We want to put an end to bad shirt length. Our shirts are designed to be the perfect length, so they can be untucked for a more casual look or tucked in when you want to dress it up.


Don’t you hate when your shirt bunches up in the back or is tricky to iron because of the box pleat? We want to keep it simple. So we have created a flat seamless back for a cleaner, more polished look that is easy to iron.

Size Chart

Why Our Shirts Are Unique

Our Kirrin Finch shirts combine the design and aesthetic of menswear with the
perfect fit for a range of female bodies. All shirts are made using high-quality, all-
natural fabrics and incorporating organic options and low impact dyes in an effort
to be friendlier to the earth and to the people making and wearing our shirts. We
pride ourselves on our unique accent details, from colorful cuff buttons to
contrasting fabric on the collar, all in an effort to make you feel unique and special.