How to Care for your Clothes

How we treat our clothes after we buy them, including washing, drying, and ironing contributes to 50-80% of the carbon footprint of the garment.

We encourage cold water washing and hang drying of all of our clothes (EXCEPT OUR WOOL SUITS AND BLAZERS).

Since about 90 percent of the energy consumed while running a load is used to heat the water, by using cold water you are reducing the amount of energy needed to conduct a load of laundry (yes, Mother Earth might hug you).

How to Care for your Suits & Blazers

Our Italian-made suits and blazers are made from wool and are dry clean only. We often send our suits to the cleaners to much and the threads break down faster. One to three times a year is all that is necessary. To prolong trips, make sure you hang your garments on a good wood hanger to let the fabric air out after wearing. Use a suit brush to brush out any stains or spots once they are dry.

*Quick Tip* Keep bulkier items out of your suit pockets, as this can distress the seams of the jacket. Plus, overloaded pockets will ruin a crisp outline. Use your suit pockets for lighter items like bank cards or tickets and keep your phone in your pant pocket.

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