Empower Your Expression: The Professional Androgynous Style Guide

At Kirrin Finch, it’s our mission to create a category of self-expression for those who exist beyond the binary – A true place where we know you’ll belong. Historically, dress codes have promoted gender norms conveying a message that conforming to societal expectations is more important than authentic self-expression. Through increased visibility, those willing to defy traditional dress codes have expanded the definition of professional attire, allowing individuals to break free from gendered fashion expectations. 

From creating menswear-inspired formal wear to business casual staples, we’ve developed our product offering to help you shine in every environment you’re in. Whether you're a trailblazer or just starting to explore gender-affirming office wear, this style guide invites you to break free from the constraints of traditional fashion and join a community that believes in the power of embracing one's true self in every professional setting. With practical advice and a celebration of personal identity, let's embark on the journey of redefining what it means to be office-ready while proudly breaking boundaries. 



When working in industries where attire is a formal statement of professionalism, arm yourself with a well-fitting suit. 

When stepping into industries where attire is not just clothing, but a formal statement of professionalism and a key to success, arming yourself with well-fitting business attire is a must. For those immersed in the worlds of finance and banking, law, government & politics, or healthcare administration, we recommend our Georgie Suit as an anchor to your wardrobe. Coming in 8+ colorways, our Italian-made, 100% wool suits offer a sleek look that commands attention in any room you’re in. There’s no need to settle for ill-fitting menswear that leaves you uncomfortable throughout the day. Our suiting is designed with a proprietary fit that accommodates for the chests and hips of AFAB bodies. To keep your look formal, pairing your suit with our Addams Easy-Care and Frankie Classic Dress Shirts designed to reduce chest gap will have you looking like a winner day in and day out. 

Class of Your Own

Business Casual Wear

Keep your wardrobe on the more formal side of business casual with our more expressive suits.

The term "business casual" can often leave many scratching their heads due to its subjective nature. The evolving professional landscape can add to the confusion, creating a blurry line between professional and casual wear. The key to solving this riddle? Think of business casual as being at the intersection of professionalism, style, and comfort. For those in dynamic environments where clothing should exude approachability and dedication, like tech, non-profits, marketing, or consulting firms that break the mold, business casual wear can be right up your alley. If you’re looking to keep your wardrobe on the more formal side of business casual we recommend our more expressive suiting. From our lightweight Pebble Suit, to our Brushed Indigo Windowpane Blazer, we provide gender-inclusive options that empower your expression while still providing comfort. For shirting, our Point Collar Shirts and Oxford Shirts are great options. They offer functional chest pockets and versatility and are durable enough to take whatever your day throws at them. Add in one of our silky smooth merino wool sweaters as a layering piece. To dress your looks down, pair your looks with our best-selling Windsor Chinos or Joni Jeans


Casual Office Essentials

For those who work in environments where flexibility, comfort, and adaptability are prioritized, shop our cozy and minimal options.

In the ever-changing landscape of modern workplaces, the concept of casual wear has woven its way into the fabric of office attire. From Casual Fridays to workplaces adopting casual dress codes as the norm, many employers offer employees the freedom for more relaxed attire. This is especially prevalent in industries where creativity and innovation flourish, such as start ups, advertising, design, and tech. For those who work in environments where flexibility, comfort, and adaptability are prioritized, we provide options that are cozy, minimal, and easy to pair well together. Keep your outfit down to earth by pairing our drawstring Graf Stretch Waistband Pants with one of our merino wool sweaters or Point Collar Shirts. Another great casual option is pairing our Joni Jeans with an Oxford Shirt. Leave the oxford shirt buttoned all the way up or leave the shirt opened and sleeves cuffed with a t-shirt layered underneath!