The Georgie Black Dress Pants

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The Georgie Black Dress Pants

$ 195.00 Regular price

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These black dress pants were expertly crafted in Italy from fine Italian wool. They are slightly tapered for a classic dapper look. They match perfectly with our black suit blazer.   

    1. 100% Italian made wool
    2. Deep pockets on the front and back
    3. Front closure with tab at the end
    4. Black buttons on the front closure and back pockets
    5. Made in Italy
    6. Inseam 29.5 inches with 2.5 inches available in the hem for additional tailoring
    7. Dry clean only

Customer Reviews

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Sandra W. (Denver, US)
Could I feel any more confident?!!?

This blazer is HOT! I love the way it makes me feel and the cut and comfort are second to NONE! I wish I could get one in every color and pattern! Kirrin Finch never disappoints! Thanks team! :-)

Kristi S. (Washington, US)
Love these pants, just wish they fit my inner thighs

I love these pants, so much so that I'm on my third attempt to get it right. My measurements or body, are all jacked up. I first tried a size 2 but they run small and so they may have fit at the waist but not at the hip, though I don't really know as I could not get them up due to my thighs. Probably should have just started with the size 4. Anyway, I ordered the size 4 and they fit perfectly on my calves and so close to being right on my waist and hip... but these damn thighs I have! They just make the pants snug from my crotch to the button. So, I've sent them back and am awaiting an alert that the size 6 is in. Third times a charm? I sure hope so, because the blazer is lonely, hanging in my closet, waiting for its mate.

Charlene A. (Bloomington, US)
Beautiful but Too Small

This is a gorgeous piece of work; we have returned it and are awaiting a size larger. So lovely!

Amanda P. (Denver, US)

Great fit, is comfortable, and love the constellations.

Kate F. (Seattle, US)
Perfect fit!

I usually wear clothes that are baggy and purchase from the “men’s” section at stores. I don’t like clothes fitted. I am petite but like a masculine line in my shirts/pants/jacket/shoes. The jacket I purchased looks on point. I purchased one size bigger (at the least) I could have worn two sizes smaller and had it fit the way most binary/straight people dress. Love this jacket and can’t wait to find well made clothes that aren’t too tight but don’t look sloppy for work, weddings etc.

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