The Georgie Slate Blue Dress Pants

$ 200 Regular price

The Georgie Slate Blue Dress Pants

$ 200 Regular price

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These slate blue dress pants were expertly crafted in Italy from fine Italian wool. They are slightly tapered for a classic dapper look. 

    1. 100% Italian made wool
    2. Deep pockets on the front and back
    3. Front closure with tab at the end
    4. Blue buttons on the front closure and back pockets
    5. Made in Italy
    6. Inseam 29.5 inches with 2.5 inches available in the hem for additional tailoring
    7. Dry clean only

    1. The Georgie Slate Blue Blazer X Lisa Congdon Lining - No Contrast Button Hole

      The Georgie Slate Blue Blazer X Lisa Congdon Lining - No Contrast Button Hole

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      Reversible Leather Belt

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Lisa Congdon Collaboration

Colorful Lining

Lisa Congdon is a fine artist, illustrator and author known for her vibrant palettes, geometric patterns, and uplifting messages. We were thrilled when Lisa said yes to designing the lining for our new Slate Blue suit.

Premium Wool

Made In Italy

The Georgie Slate Blue is made in Italy from fine Italian wool. It comes as a 3-piece suit with matching blazer, vest and pants. The blazer features blue contrast button holes on the lapel and cuffs for a pop of color.

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Emfab (Dayton, US)
Great Fit, Exceptional Quality

I couldn't be happier with these pants. I ordered 2 pair of different colors for professional office attire and formal gatherings like weddings and funerals. I am super pleased with the buttons, the pockets, and the extra length built in. When I wear these pants, I feel like myself, confident, queer, and proud!

Davina L. (Indianapolis, US)
Great Fit

These pants are comfortable, stylish & made to last! Kirrin Finch is my favorite place to shop & the only place to buy my suits!

Alison G. (Atlanta, US)
Too short but lovely

I have the same pants in the maroon color and a size 6 and they are amazing and one of my favorite pairs of pants. I got the gray pair in a size 8, but yet it is still shorter in the legs, beautiful quality but won’t work.

B.B. (Atlanta, US)
Perfect fit for a perfect day

This is my third time purchasing an entire suit or suit components from Kirrin Finch for a special event. I have been fully satisfied every time. The suit fits very well making me feel comfortable and confident, which allowed me to be entirely in the moment.

Michelle R. (Englewood, US)
Great fit

Great fit, excellent quality !!

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