The Georgie Slate Blue Dress Pants

$ 195 Regular price

The Georgie Slate Blue Dress Pants

$ 195 Regular price

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These slate blue dress pants were expertly crafted in Italy from fine Italian wool. They are slightly tapered for a classic dapper look. 

    1. 100% Italian made wool
    2. Deep pockets on the front and back
    3. Front closure with tab at the end
    4. Blue buttons on the front closure and back pockets
    5. Made in Italy
    6. Inseam 29.5 inches with 2.5 inches available in the hem for additional tailoring
    7. Dry clean only

    1. The Georgie Slate Blue Blazer X Lisa Congdon Lining

      The Georgie Slate Blue Blazer X Lisa Congdon Lining

      $ 380 Regular price
    2. The Georgie Slate Blue Vest

      The Georgie Slate Blue Vest

      $ 150 Regular price
    3. Reversible Leather Belt

      Reversible Leather Belt

      $ 85 Regular price

Lisa Congdon Collaboration

Colorful Lining

Lisa Congdon is a fine artist, illustrator and author known for her vibrant palettes, geometric patterns, and uplifting messages. We were thrilled when Lisa said yes to designing the lining for our new Slate Blue suit.

Premium Wool

Made In Italy

The Georgie Slate Blue is made in Italy from fine Italian wool. It comes as a 3-piece suit with matching blazer, vest and pants. The blazer features blue contrast button holes on the lapel and cuffs for a pop of color.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Anna G. (North Hollywood, US)
Great for future events

So, I bought this suit for a conference I'm attending in June, so I can only give so much on the suit itself, which just from the short time I tried it on feels great. The fabric is comfortable, and the sizing -- on the jacket -- was spot on. It fit my form but didn't constrict in any way, which allowed me to be comfortable. Initially, I ordered a size 14 pants but they turned out to be too big, which brings me to the second half of my review. I had to return the pants for a smaller size, and they were very quick in receiving the oversized pants and getting the new pair out to me with minimal turnaround. The only hiccup was UPS had a delay with delivery, but that's not the fault of the company. When I did worry they answered my questions and help me figure out what was happening and kept me informed. Overall, I'm pleased with KF and their customer service. I'll come back and give more about the suit once I wear it for longer than ten minutes.

Michelle K. (Rochester, US)
Awesome service

Bought a new suit from Kirrin Finch. It was shipped immediately and received within days. Material is incredible. Fit is superb. Will definitely support this company more!

SP (Watertown, US)
Great pants

Love these pants. Material feels high-quality and very comfortable. Look great. I bought a size 12 based on my measurements and the size chart. Fit well around the hips and are the proper length (I am 5'6"). I have fairly muscular legs, and the 12 is tight in the thigh when seated, so if I buy another pair, I would size up by 1 and get them tailored.

The "slate blue" color is also a little bit less saturated than the pictures indicate (which was actually my preference but FYI in case you like the brightness).

Overall very happy with the whole suit!

AE (San Francisco, US)

I love my black pants and the way they fit!

AE (San Francisco, US)

Just right! The fit is amazing, I just wish there more lengths options for compact people!