The Windsor Light Gray Chinos

Color: Light Gray

These light gray tailored pants are super comfy with a touch of stretch, feature fun accents details and most importantly have deep pockets, so you finally get a decent sized pocket in a women's pair of pants. They are subtly tapered for a clean cut look that bridges the gap between relaxed and formal.  

    1. Mid-weight stretch cotton twill
    2. 95% cotton 5% spandex
    3. Deep pockets on the front and back
    4. White and black geometric pattern contrast fabric pocket and interior lining
    5. Center front button and zipper closure
    6. Black buttons on the front closure and back pockets
    7. Made in NYC



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very good quality!

Love them. I’m thinking of purchasing a pair in every color. Love the back pocket designs!

The most expensive pants I own, 100% worth it

As we all know, buying pants effin suuuuucks. It's a huge commitment for me to make a purchase of pants that's more than $60. I've eyed the Finch brand for over a year waiting for the right sale. Black Friday came and went and now I own 2 of their pants. My ass looks AMAZING! And cuz of that, I feel great. The pockets are deep. Fits my cell, a pen, my wallet, whatever! They're deeper than my sense of wonder. The side pockets are so efficient that I don't even need to use the back pockets. So those stay shut and sexy. Omg I can't wait to wear em again!! Do yourself the favor and invest in these for yourself. I also got the blue beanie. It's a daily part of my life now. Love it. And it brings out my eyes. So long story story: Finch makes me look good. Thank you to the sweet peeps at Kirrin's. Speaking of those tho: had an amazing experience with E at their Brooklyn office for an exchange. Seamless, effortless and easy! I can't wait to order again - gonna wait for their next sale tho.

Great chino!

I love the look and deep pockets of these pants! I have thicker thighs for my waist size so I had to size up. In sizing up, the waist is a bit big. That said, I would not change the style of these pants and really enjoy wearing them for all sorts of occasions.

Best ever

I have never had pants I love as much as these! They're incredibly comfortable and stylish, and the detailing on the back pocket is so fresh. I love having a pair of "dressed up" pants that are as comfortable as jeans. The materials are very high-quality, and the quality/shape hasn't diminished after multiple wears/washes. The deep pockets are awesome, and so much better than every other women's trouser I've been able to find. I followed the 'fit and size guide' and the fit is flawless. 10/10 would chino again.

Like not love

I like them but I don't love them. I will say the fact that pants ordered on the internet actually fit is very impressive! However, the light color seems very prone to scuffing (?? I'm not entirely sure from what, since I've never noticed that happening with other pants) and the button on the back pocket actually popped off on the first day I wore them. I have gotten compliments on the cute back pocket details, I like the sizeable pockets, and I am happy I own them, but they are not the pants of my dreams that I am still waiting for. PS For those wondering re: sizes: my other office pants from other (less awesome) brands are "women's" size 12 and for these I wear a 16, in case that helps anyone!

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