Social Giveback

We approach our social giveback strategy through three different pillars: donating time, philanthropic giving to LGBTQIA+ organizations, and sharing stories and resources with and about the community.

Amplifying Voices

We concentrate on educating and empowering our audience through sharing stories and resources.

  • Our Dapper Scout Program highlights community members’ own histories and journeys. If you’re interested in being featured in the Dapper Scout program, please click here
  • We host regular Fireside Chats with our team to foster internal conversations around diverse topics centered around issues that impact the community, including pronouns, gender expression and identity, sustainability, rainbow washing, and more


As a team, we donate our time to community and relationship-building initiatives. 

  • Volunteer at local organizations, including SAGE Stonewall House in Brooklyn
  • Collect donations and fundraise on behalf of LGBTQIA+ organizations, such as collecting basic need items for the Ali Forney Center in NYC
  • Connecting people and organizations with beneficial resources, including working with the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where our team is located
  • Participate in relevant LGBTQIA+ panels, such as a college panel discussing dressing authentically in the workplace

We focus our philanthropic efforts on donating to LGBTQIA+ organizations. We're committed to donating 1% of total sales annually. We also contribute in-kind donations, such as clothing and gift cards, to organizations.

Connect With Us

Do you belong to an organization that seems aligned with the Kirrin Finch giving strategy?

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