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This super luxurious menswear inspired brushed flannel shirt features gray, blue and red tones. A classic fall staple that belongs in any wardrobe.

    1. 100% cotton twill
    2. Medium weight fabric
    3. 9 button front - reduced boob gape
    4. White buttons
    5. Unique red logo cuff buttons
    6. Ethically made in India
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Designed With You In Mind

Reduced Chest Gap

Having your shirt gape over your chest isn’t cute. Which is why we have added extra buttons. This reduces the strain on the buttons over the boobs, making it less likely to gape. Oh and an extra bonus is that the buttons are on the right side, just like a men’s shirt. No more extra dry cleaning costs!

Tailored Fit

No Darts

Darts, yuck! We are so not into that curvy feminine look you get with darts. By removing the darts often seen in women’s shirts, and creating a straighter cut, our shirts have the look and feel of a men's shirt, without sacrificing fit.
Structured Collar of fall flannel shirt by Kirrin Finch

Collars That Stand On Their Own

Structured Collar

No floppy collars here! We added structure and made it smaller all around, so the collar will keep its shape when buttoned or unbuttoned.
Tape Measure

We Care About How Your Clothes Fit

Size charts aren’t always the best way of figuring out your size especially when it comes to tailored looks. We put together a guide on how to find your perfect fit.

Find Your Fit

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Ogden, US)
Overall I liked it enough to keep it.

I think the arms are tight/small for a size 14 shirt. Every Kirrin Finch shirt I’ve purchased is too tight around my arms (top of bicep). I’ve tried a 12 but its too small and a 16 is too big. A similar shirt ‘off the rack’ would either be too small for my shoulders and arms, too long, and/or too ‘fitted’ around the middle. This shirt and brand is a decent compromise when factoring in custom tailored shirts can easily cost $200-250.