An Androgynous Fall Suiting Guide

By Kirrin Finch
An Androgynous Fall Suiting Guide

Fall is the perfect time to showcase your unique style, and what better way to do so than with androgynous suits designed to fit you?! Whether you're getting married, attending a wedding as a guest, wearing suits to work, or on a date, this guide will help you navigate menswear-inspired looks that’ll make you feel incredible!

Finding the Perfect Suit

Kirrin Finch is known for our expertly crafted, Italian made, menswear-inspired suits which are designed to fit a range of body types. Our suits are intended to provide a tailored look without adhering to traditional gender norms. Our Georgie suits are made from high quality wool with breathable fun linings, making it ideal for the unpredictable shifts in weather during changing seasons.

What are the best suit colors for Fall? 


Burgundy closely resembles the deep, rich reds often found in the falling leaves of trees during the fall. Burgundy is warm, inviting, and associated with the harvest season, including the harvesting of grapes used to make wine. While the Fall is a popular time for wearing burgundy, this color also shines in the winter where it adds richness to cold-weather outfits! You can rest assured knowing this suit can be worn time and time again! 

How to Style a Burgundy Suit

You can’t go wrong when styling our Georgie Burgundy Suit! That’s where our expertly crafted selection of dress shirts, casual shirts, and sweaters come in! From grids, to plaids, to solids our dress shirts provide endless possibilities of making a personal statement in this suit! Pair your looks with our Georgie Burgundy vest or our Burgundy Tweed Vest if you like a bit of texture! Burgundy suits also pair well with both black and brown shoes and accessories making it a versatility heavyweight! Check out the moodboard below for some inspiration.




Olive exudes elegance and earthiness, making it a great choice for fall. Like burgundy, olive reflects the earthy tones of changing foliage. Specifically, the olive harvest often coincides with the Fall which is probably how this color gained its popularity. Olive is a versatile color that pairs well with neutral tones like beige and brown, or cool tones like navy and gray.

How to Style an Olive Suit

Whether you prefer stripes, plaids, or solids, our collection of dress shirts offers countless ways to express your individual style while wearing our Olive Georgie suit. Pair your suit with our Olive Georgie Vest or add some flair to your look in our Taupe Tweed Vest. Like our burgundy suit you can pair your olive suit with black, or brown accessories as well as our gold leaf pocket squareties, and bowties that match the lining of this dapper suit. For a more casual look try pairing your suit with a pair of minimal white sneakers! Check out the moodboard below for some inspiration.



We might be biased but investing in our Burgundy or Olive Georgie suits is a win-win in our book! With either suit you can be confident you’ll be wearing well fitting, gender affirming clothing that celebrates this beautiful season! So what are you waiting for?!

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