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Doreen Pierre Style Guide

By Laura Moffat
Doreen Pierre Style Guide

The Stowe Styled By Doreen Pierre

Doreen Pierre is a New Jersey born fashion blogger, freelance photographer and Student Employment Specialist at NYU. She started the blog, Dapperpenniless, in 2015 and has already gained the attention of Buzzfeed and DapperQ. To show off her styling chops, Doreen styled the Kirrin Finch Stowe button-up shirt three different ways. 


“The Weekender" features the Stowe with coral pants and a denim jacket. I accessorized by adding on a neckerchief and pocket square with contrasting patterns and colors to add pop and flair to this outfit! This combo screams summer time fun and makes me feel like I’m on a yacht! I would wear this outfit on a day trip to the beach or even on a quick romantic getaway picnic at the park with that special someone!


In this work/business casual look, I featured the Stowe with a blazer, tie, and tailored pants. I would typically wear an outfit like this in a professional environment like work or at a formal event. I chose a navy blue tie and blazer as these compliment purple very well! To keep it formal I would typically pair this outfit with dress shoes like brogues or oxfords. Here I wore it with white sneakers for a more spring/summer casual look.


This everyday street style look features the Stowe with a light bomber, street style sneakers, and ripped jeans! This spring has been up and down in terms of temperature and I carry my bomber around in case I am feeling a little cold. I chose a bomber that is compact, chic and brings a sense of “cool” to this outfit! I would wear this outfit out to get drinks or dinner with my friends or even for a Friday night boogie session!

Overall, what I love about the Kirrin Finch Stowe shirt is how versatile it is. I was able to get three distinct looks that evoked different emotions and stylish feel. While my looks centered around this current season, I can definitely see myself wearing the Stowe in the fall and winter months as well. This shirt definitely transcends time! I love the color, pattern, and the overall fit of the shirt. It’s a perfect shirt for all occasions!

Photos taken by Iqra Shahbaz. Find her on Instagram @milesfrom

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