White Sand Linen Dress Pants

$ 175 Regular price

White Sand Linen Dress Pants

$ 175 Regular price

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Crafted from the same dreamy Linen Lyocell blend as our White Sand blazers, these pants offer the same luxurious feel and flowy drape, featuring a full lining and a flexi waistband that molds to whatever your day throws at it! In our commitment to create clothing that makes you look and feel good, we've skipped adding functional back pockets to ensure no pocket bag peek-throughs.


Please note that this generation of Linen Dress Pants is a different fit and cut from our original drop and Georgie Dress Pants. Refer to the size guide before ordering. 

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Fibers chosen for their superpowers

Perfect For Summer

This special blend of Linen and Lyocell fibers is a match made in heaven: linen offers quick-drying breathability and gorgeous texture, while lyocell offers a hint of stretch and smoothness. These fabrics have natural moisture and heat-wicking properties, keeping you cool and dry all summer long!

Style That Suits You

Inclusive Sizing

We're committed to making clothes that suit as many bodies as we can--because great style is only great when it's inclusive. We're proud to offer our Linen Lyocell suiting in up to 5XL in blazers and pants up to a size 28!

Authenticity Meets Comfort

New FlexiWaist Technology

Sick of waistbands that dig in, ride up, and fall down? We've added a moldable, flexi waistband that follows the natural movement of your body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Stephanie R. (Austin, US)

These are a perfect fit and feel in pretty much every way. The only thing that didn’t work for me is that when I sit down they sit entirely too low in the back.

M. (Burlingame, US)
Great pants and jacket!

I'm 5"4' and at 160lbs, I ordered the size 10 jacket and size 12 pants. I'll need to adjust the length of the pants a bit but it's a great suit!
I wore it for a formal evening event and I felt very comfortable. Normally linen feels a bit itchy for me but this fabric is nice, soft and breathable. Also major shout out to Kirrin Finch for their amazing customer service support!!

Adele (Salem, US)
Great look for warm weather

I had a work function that was at 5pm on a very warm spring day last week — and these were perfect. They kept me from getting hot, didn’t show any perspiration and looked super nice

Jae J. (Austin, US)
Light gray linen pants - and jacket!

I bought the jacket and pants separately, but SO GLAD I went ahead and completed the suit. I wore it out for a fancy date night last night and my wife and I looked GOOOOOD. Very handsome, very comfortable (in the Texas heat), plan to wear it every chance I get.

Herlinda A. (San Francisco, US)
I wish it was bigger

I love the material and look but it was too small for me. I had to return. I hope in the future size can go bigger.

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