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$ 95.00 Regular price

The Highlights

Part of our mini-me collection of matching adult and kids shirts
We made sure our shirts have no darts or curved silhouettes for a straight cut.
We’ve added extra buttons to make sure you avoid the dreaded chest gap.


Give the Gift Of


This shirt features a fun leaf patterned print over a bright yellow background! It's also available as a matching kids shirt.  

    1. 100% cotton 
    2. Lightweight fabric (3.5 oz)
    3. Button-down collar
    4. 9 button front to reduce chest gap
    5. White polyester buttons
    6. Ethically Made in India


Matching Adult and Kids Shirts

Mini-Me Collection

This project is near and dear to our founders hearts - they were fed up having to choose between boys or girls clothes for their twin toddlers - enter gender-neutral kids button-ups with matching adult shirts.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Fun Unique Prints

Think of all those times you’ve eyed those fun kids clothes and thought I wish they made that in my size. Well now you and your kids, nieces, nephews or even your best friend’s little one can wear matching fun printed shirts. Think of all the great photo ops!

Our Founders Twin Toddlers

Behind The Names

Kirrin Finch founders, Kelly and Laura, named the shirts are their twin toddlers, Jasper and Piper. The Finn is a combination of their middles names, Finley and Quinn. Jasper and Piper are also the star models for the campaign. There was a lot of ice cream and cookies required at the photoshoot!
Tape Measure

We Care About How Your Clothes Fit

Size charts aren’t always the best way of figuring out your size especially when it comes to tailored looks. We put together a guide on how to find your perfect fit.

Find Your Fit

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John C. (Villas, US)

Love this shirt! The fabric is very comfortable and the design is beautiful.

Sharon C. (Milton, US)

Love this shirt! #piper

K R. (Pasadena, US)
Great Fabric

I love the fabric on this shirt. Great pattern. Got a second one so my kid and I could match. The fit isn’t the best for me, as I have a flat chest, am skinny (125lb), and tall (5’8), but should be great for others.

Jules D. (San Diego, US)
Long Time Coming

My sister gave me a gift certificate years ago and off and on I would check the website but not necessarily see anything I absolutely had to have or if I did, it was sold out! I would set the shopping aside and come back to it later. Fast forward to this past month when I went back to the well and lo and behold this summer shirt called to me. Once it arrived I was thrilled with the quality and the fit. I have purchased made-to-measure shirts before and this is right up there with the best of them. The biggest consideration is that the arms don't droop because the shoulder width is not too large. That alone can make all the difference in the world for a shirt looking good or looking sloppy. It just got better from there with extra room in all the right places, yet tapered for a crisp look. Yeah it's a crazy summer print but looking good is a year-round goal. I promise I won't wait so long the next time!

Delaney S. (Denton, US)
Shirt for the wife

I got this fun shirt for my wife, and she LOVES it. Thank you for being size-inclusive and for creating really well made garments. Everything we have gotten from y'all has been fantastic in terms of fit, fabric and style.