Charcoal Tweed Vest

$ 140 Regular price

Charcoal Tweed Vest

$ 140 Regular price

The Highlights

Expertly crafted in Italy.
Made from eco-friendly recycled wool.
Working exterior pockets.


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This dapper charcoal tweed herringbone vest was expertly crafted in Italy from eco-friendly recycled wool. It looks great as a standalone or pair it with our soon to be here matching charcoal tweed blazer. 

      1. Vest made in Italy
      2. Fabric woven in Italy from 40% recycled wool, 25% mohair and a blend of nylon and polyester
      3. Unstructured, fully lined vest
      4. Two exterior flap pockets
      5. Front flap pockets will arrive sewn shut, but are working pockets and can be easily opened
      6. Charcoal buttons
      7. Adjustable back clasp
      8. Dry clean only
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Responsible Materials

Recycled Wool

In an effort to be kinder to the earth and create less waste, our tweed blazers and vests are made using 40% recycled wool.

Timeless & Classic Style

Tweed Herringbone

Tweed herringbone fabric has been a core of dapper style for over 150 years. Tweed originated in 19th century Scotland and was known as the ideal sporting attire during the 19th and 20th centuries due to its sturdy and water-resistant nature. Our tweed blazers and vests can be dressed up with a tie or bow tie for a more formal look or dressed down with a pair of jeans and a button-up for something more casual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Heather M. (Toronto, CA)
Love it but...

I love the vest, it’s well made, a great cut but, it doesn’t fit. I did the measurements but I must have made an error. However, the issue is that I’m in Canada so returning it will be costly and challenging so…it makes more sense to keep it and gift it to someone a bit smaller :(

Akosua F. (El Sobrante, US)
Loved it but too tight on my shoulders and lats

I loved the color and look of the vest, however I should have taken the advice on the form and measured before climbing. The vest was too tight on my lats and shoulders. I’m a former swimmer and water polo player so I’ll need a larger size.

Kaitlyn H. (Denver, US)

Look your best in this vest

L.B. (Morrisville, US)
Worth every penny

Though I loved all of the designs I saw on this website, I was hesitant to spend that kind of money on clothes. After sinking deeper into a dysphoric depression in changing rooms across the state, I finally decided to just do the dang thing and splurge. I got the box, opened it up and begrudgingly tried it on, expecting the same disappointment I'd come to know time and time again, but what I got was nearly absolute perfection. This vest and the matching blazer made me feel more comfortable and confident than I've ever felt in dress clothes in my entire life. Everything fit exactly how I wanted it to, without making it look like I was wearing my dad's clothes.

Stephanie W. (Dayton, US)
Fantastic vest!

I’d looked all over for a vest and it’s hard to find the right one. Men’s vests don’t fit in the right places and a lot of women’s vests are not my preferred style. The vests here are perfect! I’m already wanting another one in a different color. Thanks y’all for making these!

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