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Shop the collection of menswear-inspired apparel including button-ups, pants, t-shirts, hat and accessories.

Sand Linen Pants

$ 175.00

Sand Linen Blazer

$ 275.00

Sky Blue Linen Pants

$ 175.00

Sky Blue Linen Vest

$ 145.00


$ 95.00
Multi-Leaf patterned shirt in a mix of yellow, orange, and a touch of blue on neutral background
Androgynous model wearing the Piper multi-lead patterned shirt by Kirrin Finch outside on a nice summer day


$ 95.00

Finn Kids Shirt

$ 49.00

Jasper Kids Shirt

$ 49.00

Piper Kids Shirt

$ 49.00

Stormé Coral Chino Shorts

$ 89.00

The Georgie Nautical Blue Vest

$ 150.00
Androgynous model holding lapel of Nautical Blue Twill Blazer by Kirrin Finch on neutral background
Model revealing floral lining of nautical blue blazer
Model wearing the Georgie Formal Navy Suit with wavy blue interior lining
The blue wave interior lining and inside pocket with button of the Georgie Navy Suit

The Georgie Navy Suit Blazer

$ 380.00
Androgynous model wearing Navy plaid button down shirt on neutral background
Navy plaid flannel by Kirrin Finch at a tilted angle
Person modeling a charcoal tweed blazer by Kirrin Finch with a white shirt and blue chinos
Model looking left while wearing Charcoal Tweed Kirrin Finch Blazer on neutral gray background

Charcoal Tweed Blazer

$ 250.00
Androgynous charcoal tweed vest for women and non-binary folk paired with classic white dress shirt

Charcoal Tweed Vest

$ 140.00

Black Woodlawn

$ 125.00

Blue Junipero

$ 125.00

Pink Junipero

$ 125.00

Aqua Blue Abbott

$ 125.00
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