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What To Wear To A Wedding When You Don’t Want To Wear A Dress

By E Garcia
What To Wear To A Wedding When You Don’t Want To Wear A Dress

If there’s one special event that you want to look good for, it’s a wedding. Whether you are the soon to be espoused, part of the wedding party, or simply a guest, you will want to look your very best! But what do you do if you need to dress up and you don’t want to wear a dress? 

How To Dress Up Without A Dress

Luckily, there are more and more options for those of us brought up believing dresses were our only choice for formal events. From Chinos and Oxfords to Blazers and Bow Ties, there are so many alternative wedding ensembles to choose from! Here are some of our favorite wedding outfits! 

Alternative Wedding Outfits

Chinos, Fun Printed Shirt and Blazer
A blazer adds a sophisticated touch to this fun formal outfit. This is a dapper look that will have you both feeling and looking fantastic! A classy and elegant ensemble that you no longer have to shop in the men’s section for!

Alternative Wedding Outfit

This dapper wedding outfit was created by combining Kirrin Finch Navy Chinos, The Light Blue Woodlawn, A Kirrin Finch Wool Blazer (soon to be released!), and a boutonniere for an added touch of fun. This look is perfect for an outdoor wedding, and transitions easily from ceremony to party!

Dapper Wedding Outfit

Chinos and Mandarin Collar
Mandarin or band collared shirts are a fun alternative to traditional button-downs. These shirts are classy with or without a blazer or jacket on top, and can help create a unique look for your special day!

Dapper Wedding Style

This look is created by paring the Gray Striped Mandarin Collar Shirt with Royal Blue Chinos; it is a combination that is simple, elegant, and unique! Add a jacket to make it a more formal outfit, or leave it simple - whichever suits your style!

Classy Tomboy Wedding Outfit

Wedding Outfit for Androgynous AFAB Folks or Women 

Oxford and Bow Tie
The Oxford shirt is a classic and stylish shirt that is extremely versatile. Pairing an oxford with a bow tie elevates the shirt for an effortlessly dapper look. Oxford shirts are simple, solid colors that make them easy to pair with the accessory of your choice! Bow ties can be used to add a pop of color and express your individual style. This look is created by pairing the Pankhurst Organic Cotton Oxford with the Astaire bow tie.

Dapper Wedding Look

Tomboy Wedding Outfit

Chinos and Oxford
If you are not the bow tie type, oxford shirts hold up well all by themselves! This look combines the Keller Organic Cotton Oxford with the Olive Chinos for a classy, effortless look. Plus, you can make over 20 different combinations with all of the Kirrin Finch Chino and Oxford colors to choose from, so you won’t have to wear the same outfit twice!

Tomboy Wedding Outfit

Create Your Dapper Wedding Outfit

Whichever way you wear it, Kirrin Finch is perfect for your next dressy event! How will you mix and match it?

Shop The Windsor Chinos

Shop The Oxfords

Shop The Bow Ties

And Blazers coming soon…!

Some of Our Favorite Wedding Vendors
We had the pleasure of participating in the shoot that resulted in the amazing photos above with a few wonderful wedding photographers, bloggers, planners and vendors. Check them out for your next big event, and follow them on socials for some inspiration!


Catering: Purslane Catering @purslanecatering

Cookies: Cookies For A Cause @cookiesforacausenyc

Designer/Co-Planner: Together Events

Dresses: Rebecca Schoneveld Bridal  @rebeccaschoneveld_bridal

Drink Mixers: Hella Cocktail Co  @hellacocktailco

Hand Lettering: Penned By Alice  @pennedbyalice

Hair & Makeup Artist: Cheriene Galley @cherienegalleymakeupartist

Photobooth: Share Pix Photo Booth  @sharepixphotobooth

Spirits: New York Distilling Company @nydistilling

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