What Pride Means To Us

By Kirrin Finch
What Pride Means To Us

This weekend is NYC Pride, and we are taking a moment as an LGBTQ+ owned company to reflect on what Pride means to us. All of us here at Kirrin Finch understand the importance on giving back to our community and participate in the fight for true equality (as individuals and as a company) - because love is love is love is love!

Check out some of the Kirrin Finch team, and see what pride means to each of us:

Laura, Co-Founder, Director of Marketing

I am not a big parade or party person, but I realize the importance of pride beyond all the rainbow flags and bare skin! For me, it is about celebrating the fact that we are lucky enough to be out and open in New York and not have to worry about being judged or stigmatized. I recently became a new Mum to our twins Jasper and Piper, and we attended our first pride parade in Hudson last weekend. It was so amazing to see other gay parents there and know that we are bringing our kids into a world (at least in NYC) where having two Mums is seen as just another type of family. 

Laura in Liberty Inspired Red Woodlawn Shirt

Kelly, Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Historically, and in many places still, our community had to protect themselves by flying under the radar or passing. I see Pride as a time for people to show the world their authentic selves and celebrate being part of this beautiful community. That visibility is important and shouldn't be taken lightly.  

Pride is a time to celebrate our steps forward, reflect and honor the past and gather strength from each other to tackle the battles to come. A time to ignite your inner activist just as much as your inner dancing queen. I have no doubt they are both fabbbulous! During Pride month I have one hand holding my dancing shoes and the other holding my marching ones. 
Kelly in Murie Palm Tree Linen Cotton Shirt

E, Director Of Communications

Pride is such an important time of year for me. Each year when June rolls around I get to check in with myself and see how much I have grown in the past year. Since coming out, first as queer and then as non-binary, my self confidence has grown exponentially year to year. This June I am proud to say that I am finally out in all of my spaces. I get to be my true authentic self more than ever before. Kirrin Finch was a huge part of my journey before I started working here, and I am so proud that I now get to help this incredible company bring authenticity, whatever that means on an individual level, to folks around the world. I am fortunate to work in a place where my identity and pronouns are respected, and live in a place where I can be and love whomever I please, but I know that this is not the reality for so many LGBTQ+ folks around the world. That’s why I am a member of the HRC Steering Committee in Greater New York, volunteering my time to help advance equality.

E in Colden Floral Print Shirt  

Pride, at the end of the day, means the freedom to live authentically. That’s what we all want in our lives. Clothing is just one small piece of the puzzle, and we hope that the apparel we are providing contributes to folks living authentically, as someone they can be proud of.

Kirrin Finch supports a variety of LGBTQ+ organizations through donations, events, etc. Organizations we support include The Human Rights Campaign, The True Colors Fund, and The Ali Forney Center as well as organizations that indirectly support members of the LGBTQ+ community such as The Jane Fund and Women In Need. And as we continue to grow we hope to be able to give even more back to our community!


Human Rights Campaign, The Jane Fund, The True Colors Fund, The Ali Forney Center, Women In Need

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