Eliminating The Dreaded Boob Gap

By E Garcia
Eliminating The Dreaded Boob Gap

We've all experienced the dreaded boob gap or gape at some point in our lives. Maybe you purchased a beautiful button-down for your important business meeting and when you went to put it on you realized that everyone could see your bra. Not cute! So what did you do? Dig around in your closet for a safety pin or find some of that crazy tape to keep it closed! Or, worst case scenario, you didn't realize that the shirt gaped until you were already out of the house or even worse, already in a meeting!" You were embarrassed and uncomfortable the rest of the day and swore off wearing button-up shirts forever. Regardless of how and where it happened, boob gap sucks and we want it to be a thing of your past.

Why Don’t Button Up Shirts Fit Female Bodies?

Button up shirts were historically a menswear item, so they didn't have to make room for boobs. And although button-ups have become a staple in every women's wardrobe, there is still often a boob gape! We love the design of button up shirts, but were frustrated that we couldn't wear them without tape or tailoring to keep them closed. Sure, you can find countless articles with “hacks” for addressing the gape, but we believe shirts should fit well - no hacks needed! So, when we set out to create menswear-inspired shirts made to fit female bodies, we were determined to address the boob gape.


Eliminating The Boob Gap

Extra Room and Two Extra Buttons!

How did we do it? Pretty simply! We adjusted the way the fabric was cut for our shirts to add a little extra room around the chest area. And most importantly we added two extra buttons to reduce the space and tension between each button. Most women's shirts have 6-7 buttons up the front closure, which creates unwanted spaces that can open up with body movement, giving that dreaded boob gap, however, Kirrin Finch’s button down shirts prevent this.” 

 By adding extra fabric and two extra buttons in our button-ups, we erased any fears of unwanted exposure. 

No More Boob Gap

No More Boob Gape!

Now you can dress professionally, and more importantly, comfortably! Clothing has a huge impact on how we feel on the inside, so the more comfortable you are in your clothing, the more confidence you will project on the outside. You can rest easy knowing that our shirts have you covered in both form and function. Menswear-inspired apparel, made to fit comfortably and leave you worry (and gape) free.

Women's Shirts With No Boob Gap


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