De-Constructing Men's Pants and Making Them For Women

By Laura Moffat
De-Constructing Men's Pants and Making Them For Women

When we started Kirrin Finch, we spent a lot of time thinking about our vision for the company and what we were setting out to do. There were two directions we could have gone. We could become a shirting company for women, and make all different kinds of shirts in different fabrics and styles. Or we could become a clothing company that makes entire outfits for people looking for the menswear aesthetic but made for women. We chose the latter.

As many of you know we dug deep into the shirt game and continue to turn out new shirts every 3-6 months. We continue to develop new styles like the mandarin collar shirt that was released in our last fall winter collection, and more formal dress shirts that will be out later in the year.

But a shirt is only as good as the outfit it is paired with, so we thought about what would be the next logical step in building out the outfit - the obvious choice was pants (or trousers for our British friends). The current state of women’s pants is pretty dismal for those who prefer a menswear style aesthetic. The options are jeans or super formal suit pants. And as we all know, there are typically either no pockets or tiny pockets that barely fit half your hand - much less a wallet, keys and a phone!

So, we took our inspiration from men's pants by leafing through men's catalogues, buying and deconstructing the pants we liked, then taking the various design elements and adjusting them to fit female bodies. And let me tell you. Pants are hard! We spent over a year tweaking and making changes to our prototypes, because it was so important to get the fit right. We tested them on our friends, customers, colleagues, mentors and even had a fit party to get feedback from our NY base. 

Unlike men’s pants, women’s pants need to accommodate the hips and don’t need that extra room at the front for you know what! (baggy crotch anyone!?) The hips actually pose a problem for pockets and may be the reason why many women’s pants don’t have them; it's fundamentally challenging to create a large pocket that doesn't pop out at the hips. We solved this by creating pockets that open at the front, so we can create deep pockets, but still get that tailored look.

After a year of development and testing, we were able to develop a comfortable tailored pant that bridges the gap between casual and formal dressing - perfect for work, a fancy party or even brunch. Kirrin Finch pants feature fun and colorful accent details, like pocket liners and back pocket triangles, a tapered tailored fit and are made from super comfy cotton stretch twill and most importantly have deep pockets.

With every garment we produce, our goal is to perfect the fit, so we took a very thoughtful approach to the release of our first pair of pants. In October we released a small run of Navy Chinos (you could call it our pants beta test). Amazingly, we were SOLD OUT in less than 5 hours and have a long and growing list of people on the waiting list. We took feedback from these initial pants aficionados to further perfect the Windsor Chino. And we are excited to be re-stocking the Navy Windsor chinos plus THREE new colors in the very near future! 

So sign up for our waitlist today! And join the posse of people who will be storming the streets this April with free hands…because their kick ass Kirrin Finch pants are actually holding ALL of their stuff.

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