Five Androgynous Looks To Help You Slay Holiday Parties This Season

By Kirrin Finch
Best Holiday Androgynous Outfits

'Tis the season of endless holiday parties and occasions to dress up for! The holidays are a great opportunity for you to step up your style game and show your coworkers and loved ones what outfits make you feel most authentic, comfortable and celebratory.

Outfit #1: Oxford Shirt With Fun Neckwear and Chinos

This is the kind of outfit that you will want to wear over and over again. It is easy to freshen up by switching out one small piece like the color of the oxford or style of neckwear. A closet with good oxford shirts and a few different accessory options allows you to create an androgynous look with a lot of variations.

Oxford With Tie Outfit

Outfit #2: Mandarin Collar Shirt With A Suit or Chinos

Mandarin collar shirts, especially the white mandarin collar which features a pocket with the selvedge edge, are clean and unique options for dressing up. These look great however you wear them, whether they're paired with a suit or your favorite chinos. You don't see this type of shirt very often, so they are sure to be a conversation starter!

white mandarin collar button shirt

Outfit #3: A Crewneck Sweater and Button-Down Shirt

A nice crewneck sweater is a wardrobe staple that looks fantastic with or without a collared shirt underneath (long or short-sleeve)! This sweater will keep you warm and cozy without having to sacrifice style.


burgundy crewneck sweater for women


Outfit #4: Tweed Blazer With Fun Patterned Shirt

Tweed blazers are great because you can wear them over and over again with different shirts for unique dapper outfits. A patterned shirt (like the Kahlo above) is a great way to add a little fun or a pop of color to this (and any) look. Tweed blazers will be back in stock soon!

Tweed Blazer Floral Shirt Gender Inclusive

Outfit #5: Blazer With A Dress Shirt

This is about as classy as it gets. Choosing a dress shirt with a point or spread collar (Arber and Blue and White Striped dress shirt above) is flattering and timeless when paired with any type of blazer. This is the kind of look that makes you feel like you can accomplish absolutely anything.

Blazer and Dress Shirt

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