Real Weddings: Meg and Abigail’s Iconic U-Haul Nuptials

By Kirrin Finch
Real Weddings Navy Suit for Women

Meg (they/them) and Abigail (she/her) are a Chicago area couple who were married on September 25, 2022 in Illinois. They had a U-Haul and a taco truck at their wedding, which among other gorgeous details, made the day truly unforgettable! So much love was shared at their wedding that one of their squad members and their videographer are now dating! Read for more fun highlights about their day.

How did you two meet?

We met on Tinder, like all millennials, especially the queers in the burbs of a big city. Meg was Abigail’s first date, because she is picky, decisive, and has discerning taste. Meg, on the other hand, figured Abigail would just ghost them after having been on countless bad dates (that at least make for great stories!).


Real lesbian weddings navy suit

What was important to you in planning your wedding day?

We had a few important things for us: we wanted an inclusive venue with diverse vendors, we wanted to have great Mexican inspired food, and we wanted to limit our impact on the environment. Oh, and having a taco truck—Meg’s childhood dream of what their wedding would entail.

How did you go about choosing what to wear for the wedding day?

Abigail, unsurprisingly, knew exactly what she wanted to wear. She, on a whim, decided to try on a few dresses at David’s Bridal because it was one of only a few ways to celebrate the engagement in a pre-vaccine Covid summer. She found the perfect dress but knew she didn’t need to rush on ordering it. Again, with not much to do but stay inside, her mom found the exact dress, in her size, on eBay for $100 just two weeks after the proposal. The Universe had spoken—this was the dress [if you need to know, it’s by Oleg Cassini].

Meg was more indecisive, but always knew it had to be a suit and what color. As someone who is transmasc and 5’3”, it’s hard to find a trustworthy shop that can accommodate these needs, won’t discriminate, and can provide the quality required of a wedding without being an unreasonable price. They always liked Kirrin Finch’s Georgie suit, and the wedding was the perfect reason to finally purchase it!

Another big thing regarding our outfits and those of our squad was that we could incorporate all the little handmade embellishments Abigail spent two years working on. For Meg’s side, she made all the suspenders, bowties, and boutonnieres. Again, it’s hard finding things that fit afab bodies. But Abigail has always enjoyed crafting—as well as being able to get exactly what she wanted because she made it. Not to mention the appreciation and smiles from the squad and their partners (or soon-to-be 😉).


UHAUL Lesbian Wedding

How did you feel when you first saw yourself in your wedding suit?

Meg was so worried to try it on. There were so many reasons—dysphoria*, not looking good for their partner, and knowing their family wouldn’t approve. *They’ve never grabbed something off-the-rack and felt good, felt like it fit right. It was terrifying because what if it didn’t work? But it did; they actually felt like themselves, which provided them the confidence needed to shrug off negative thoughts and not give-a-damn what family thought. And Abigail found it hot. Like really, really hot.


Any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Do what YOU want. It’s your wedding. It is far too easy to fall into the trap of trying to prove something to someone who, in our experience, will either never understand or not even show on the day of. Everything that went well was because we prioritized those who actually support us, and everything that didn’t go according to plan was because we prioritized pleasing people who would inevitably disappoint. 

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Venue: Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, IL

Photographer: Tawny Ballard Photography (@tawnyballardphotography)

Videographer: Replogle Studio

DJ: Toast & Jam

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

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