Real Weddings: Dorothy + Lauren

By Kirrin Finch
Real Weddings: Dorothy + Lauren

Dorothy (she/her) and Lauren (she/her) got married on a gorgeous Spring day in May 2023. The couple loves to travel and started an Instagram account featuring Legos posing as Dorothy and Lauren enjoying the sights! From Legos to the Georgie Suit, beautiful details were highlights of their wedding day. 

How did you meet?

On a dating app, of course! We spent time getting to know each other before meeting, enjoying endless text conversations, thought-provoking questions, and lost hours of sleep. From the moment we met in person, we created our own little bubble separate from the world. It was filled with a shared love for communication and finding joy in the little things like building a blanket fort, doing puzzles, or creating playlists for each other. We discovered we both love hiking and nature and haven’t stopped adventuring since!

Four and a half years later, I (Lauren) proposed to Dorothy in a treehouse in Washington state. I even used the Legos to do it!

Lego Proposal Lesbian Wedding

What was important to you in planning your wedding day?

Including little details that were unique to us. (i.e. incorporating Lego bouquets and succulents) We wanted a touch of traditional aspects but also to flip convention on its head. 

Real Wedding Lego Bouquet

How did you go about choosing what to wear for the wedding day?

Dorothy - I always felt drawn to wearing a wedding dress. I had a clear picture in my mind of how it would look and was surprised to find the one I fell in love with was something completely different! I wanted Lauren to choose something that would make her feel confident and dapper, equal to how beautiful I felt in my own dress.

Lauren - I wanted to wear a suit but knew it would be a challenge to find one that would fit my body type. I didn’t want a men’s suit that would require too many alterations, but struggled to find a women’s suit that wouldn’t feel too feminine. So, I took to the internet, searched for androgynous suits, and Kirrin Finch came up! I saw the Georgie Suit and couldn’t believe how perfect it was. It was the first and only suit I ever tried on. 

Real Wedding Androgynous Navy Suit

Lauren, how did you feel when you first saw yourself in your wedding suit?

I felt like myself. There is no better feeling than that. I looked in the mirror and saw someone who didn’t conform or compromise who they were. I looked like someone who was ready to marry the love of their life and was doing it authentically. 

Real Wedding Kirrin Finch

What were some of the most special memories from your wedding day?

We spent the day separate from each other, running around getting our bridal parties ready, getting ourselves ready, and doing it all riddled with nerves. We chose to do a first look, and it was one of the best decisions we made. Once we saw each other, that was it. We weren’t nervous anymore; we were in our little bubble again. We exchanged our own vows in front of our loved ones, and it truly felt like they got a glimpse of how deep our love is. We were blessed to feel unconditional support and an overwhelming feeling of harmony. Our venue and vendors all did an incredible job, and we are so thankful for them. 

Real Wedding Dorothy & Lauren

Any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Remember to take time to check in with each other because there will be days the stress is overwhelming and heavy. Creating a support system between the two of you is key. There may be times when you feel uncertain of your decisions but know it will all work out, and it will all be worth it. People can’t help but make suggestions or give advice, but keep it true to what you want. It’s easy to find yourself worrying about making sure your guests are happy and getting along, but remember, this is your day and they are there to celebrate you!


Photography: Jess and Kelly from For Fearless Hearts // @forfearlesshearts

Flowers: Hilltop Flower Design // @hilltopflowerdesign, @hilltopflowerco 

Venue: Terrain at Styers // @terrain_events

Hair & Makeup: Joseph Anthony Salon and Spa  // @josephanthonysalonspa

Music: Anders Hyatt Music // @andershyattmusic

Dress: The Bridal Manor // @thebridalmanor

Cake: Nutmeg Cake Design // @nutmegcakedesign

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