How To Look Spiffy This Holiday Season

By Laura Moffat
How To Look Spiffy This Holiday Season

The holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, etc.) can be a stressful time of year for those of us who don't like to wear dresses or fancy blouses. When we were younger, many of our parents forced us into party frocks or balked at our attempts to look dressed up with khakis and a shirt. Even though we now have the freedom to wear what we want, it can still be hard to find menswear-inspired or androgynous clothes that actually fit female bodies. That's why at Kirrin Finch we are developing a collection of menswear-inspired apparel fit for a range of female bodies. In the meantime, we have scoured the stores, and our closets, to put together a variety of menswear-inspired outfits for three holiday events: a friend's holiday party, family dinner, and New Year's Eve. Let’s take back the holidays with our dapper blazers, colorful bow ties, fun pocket squares and bold print shirts. We hope this will give you inspiration to spruce up your look this holiday season.


We all know the holiday season is packed with parties from December 1st until we are recuperating in January. So until we renew our gym memberships in the New Year, we need to focus on how to look our best at all these events. Since most people end up at several friend's holiday parties (sometimes two or three in one night), we figured we would start there. So when you are overthinking what to wear, just throw on a fun shirt and jeans or slacks, and you are ready to rock the party.

"This is one of my favorite button down shirts! I love the length and how it hangs from my shoulders as well as the black cuffs that adds a nice crisp touch. This pattern is exquisite and when I wear it, I definitely feel like a boss." - Annia

Shirt: Nordstrom

"I wore a new Kirrin Finch short sleeve shirt to our annual holiday party so I could sport something fun and playful. The suspenders that come with the Jachs NY pants are a great compliment to the pizzazz of the shirt...and they fit my 5'4" frame really well." - Kelly

Shirt: Kirrin Finch
Pants: Jachs NY
Boots: Frye

"Crazy prints are really in right now, but they are hard to find in women's sizes. Gant rugger actually makes some super cool menswear-inspired shirts for women. And let's not forget the happy socks, a must have pop of color for any outfit." - Laura

Shirt: GANT Rugger
Jeans: AG
Shoes: Paul Smith
Socks: Happy Socks
Glasses: See Eyewear


This is the event many of us dread the most. Grandma and Grandpa asking if we have a boyfriend and wondering why we don't wear dresses like all their friend's lovely granddaughters. But trust us, you look great no matter what you are long as you are comfortable in it! 

"The crewneck is a nice casual top for a holiday event with my family. I like to find accents of color/shades that match in my outfits as I did here with the tan shoulder patch and shoes."

Sweater: Sneak Outfitters
Black pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Aldo

"I'm trying to incorporate more clothing made by sustainable brands into my wardrobe, and Boerum Apparel is a great option for stylish sustainable sweaters. 

Sweater: Boerum Apparel
Tie: J. Crew
Cords: Club Monaco
Blazer: Bindle & Keep

"I am really into clothing items that have unique details like fun collars, pockets or elbow patches. Ted Baker makes these great polo shirts that have amazingly colorful collars."

Sweater: Ben Sherman
Shirt: Ted Baker
Shoes: Bed Stu
Jeans: J Crew
Watch: Tokyobay


This is the one night of the year where we get the chance to go wild and spruce up our look. Whether it be a dance party, fireworks display, the ball drop in timesquare or a fancy dinner party, it is time to dress to impress.

"This blazer absolutely is a statement piece. I love outrageous print on clothing and this one takes the cake. I wear it here with a black tank and black jeans as not to take the eyes attention away from the blazer. The lighting bolt necklace helps me when its time to hit the dance floor."

Blazer: Sneak Outfitters
Watch: Diesel
Necklace: Vitaly

"For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with vests! There is something about them that I find so sexy and they can dress up any outfit-perfect for New Years!  I paired it will a shiny pair of handmade shoes and a pocket watch to give the outfit an old school feel.

Shirt: Proper Cloth
Vest: Bindle & Keep
Tie: J.Crew
Pants: Club Monaco
Shoes: Sebago
Belt: Ted Baker

"I tend to dress more on the casual side, but for New Year's Eve I like to get fancy. The easiest way for me to spice up my look is with a colorful bow tie or pocket square. Adding those elements can bring any outfit to the next level"

Blazer/Vest: Bindle & Keep
Bowtie/Pocketsquare: Jack Threads
Glasses: Warby Parker

So wherever you are, whoever you are with, however you dress- here at Kirrin Finch we want to wish you Happy Holidays. If you have been hesitant to break out that school boy blazer or throw on that funky bow tie, we say go for it. Because if that's what speaks to you, you are going to look spiffy this holiday season. 



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