Video Series: Three Customers Share Why Kirrin Finch Makes Them Feel Authentic

By Kirrin Finch
Video Series: Three Customers Share Why Kirrin Finch Makes Them Feel Authentic

A few months ago we were approached by Mirror Image Media, a company owned by Marie and Meaghan Wright, queer twin videographers from Nova Scotia, Canada. They had been following our brand and wanted to create compelling video content for us. We immediately hit it off and arranged for them to come to NYC to film for a few days. 

We are thrilled to share the culmination of our work together with videos that share the stories of three amazing Kirrin Finch customers. The goal was to provide more visibility and representation to all the folks who have experienced the struggle of finding clothes that match their identity. We hope you enjoy the videos!


Amanda Urrego (she/her)

Amanda is a queer women who lives in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan with her partner Vera. Her passions include Xena Warrior Princess, softball and meeting friends at the the NYC queer bar, Cubby Hole for drinks. She is also part of the Executive Team of Spark Purple, an LGBTQ+ company that organizes and hosts IRL Queer Events. Amanda struggled to find clothes that aligned with her identity, but after finding her now favorite shirt - The Aqua Blue Abbott, it was the first time Amanda felt aligned with her clothing. Learn more about Amanda in the short-video below. 

Maggie Colligan (she/her)

Maggie is a queer filmmaker and Director of Operations for a production consulting and gear rental house in NYC. She is originally from Detroit and identified as a tomboy growing up. Maggie officiated both of her sister's weddings, but she struggled to find clothing that felt right for those occasions. One day she stumbled upon Kirrin Finch on the internet and bought the first suit she felt she could wear all night and not want to take off. Maggie has since officiated three more weddings, all in Kirrin Finch! Learn more about Maggie in the video story below.  

Leila Bozorg (she/her)

Leila lives in Chelsea, Manhattan with her fiancee, Molly. She is an urban planner by trade and is now a Chief Strategy Officer at a non-profit. Her hobbies include running and both woodwork and metalwork. In her younger years, Leila wore a lot of baggy clothes and found shopping to be a frustrating experience. Once she started working, she felt she was finally able to dress herself well and actually pay for clothes that fit her and expressed her identity. Leila doesn’t have a big wardrobe but loves her staples that she can wear both professionally and in everyday settings. Learn more about Leila in the video story below.  

We want to say a big thank you to Amanda, Maggie and Leila for giving us their time and sharing their stories. 


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