5 Spring Summer Wedding Looks

By Devon Capizzi
5 Spring Summer Wedding Looks

Spring is our favorite season. The long thaw after cold winters. That first warm day in the park after months of snow and hibernation. There is always something in the air – the smell of dogwoods blooming; a soft breeze and the long-forgotten sunshine; pollen… But, our favorite part of spring is wedding season.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s resilience. We’ve learned to adapt to shifting expectations, new norms and constant change. Many of these changes have been challenging (to say the least). Others have brought unexpected joy, light in the dark tunnel.

Whatever your wedding looks like – be it 200 people, or only a few close friends – what hasn’t changed is what you can look like. Here are 5 great looks for this wedding season with Kirrin Finch favorites.

1. Go Classic With Style

You know what they say, it’s written in the stars… Bad puns aside, our classic Georgie blazer with the constellation lining offers timeless simplicity with flare. One of our tried-and-true staples, this blazer is cool and crisp on the outside, both ethereal and sharp on the inside. We like to think you get the best of both worlds and look good doing it.

Black Suit For LGBTQ Queer Wedding

2. Stay Cool (Literally)....

Spring has sprung! We can’t wait to soak up the sun this wedding season, and we’ve got the perfect way to look (and stay) extra cool when you say, “I do.” Our fresh Linen Blazers (coming soon) are made of light-weight, breathable linen so you can look good, feel good, and dress it up (even when it’s warm outside). Pair it with one of our short-sleeve button-downs, soon to be hot off the presses, and a nice pair of Chinos and you’re good to go.

Coming soon! Keep an eye out on our website to shop the look!


fresh linen blazer for women


3. Go Big, Or Go Home

Looking for that old-time charm? Turn it up with a three-piece suit. This look isn’t just dapper, it’s powerful. Paired with a crisp button down, the Plum Plaid Three-Piece suit is sure to make a statement. Plus, who doesn’t love a good layer? Dress it up for the ceremony, then ditch the blazer at the reception for that classic laid-back vest vibe.Dapper three piece suit for women

4. Something Blue

Tick all those boxes with something new and blue with our fresh Blue Royal Dress Pants and Royal Georgie Blazer. Tradition aside, this pair is sure to light up any occasion. The bright, vibrant color is perfect for sunny days to come, and we can’t get enough of those “May flowers” peeking out from the colorful interior lining. With a relaxed, tailored fit crafted from fine Italian wool, these guys will have you looking and feeling just right for the big day. 


Blue royal blazer and pants with flower print


5. Go Dapper

Nothing screams dapper and stylish like tweed. And we may be biased, but our brown tweed line is our personal favorite. Rustic yet dashing, bring that college-professor vibe with the Brown Tweed Blazer and Brown Tweed Vest. These pieces are perfect to dress up with a nice bowtie, or dress down with a simple button-down and your favorite pair of jeans. Whatever your needs, we’ve got the tweed for you.

Dapper Tweed Blazer For Queer Wedding

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