Airin Yung

By Laura Moffat
Airin Yung

The Inglis Styled By Airin Yung

Airin Yung is a style blogger (@airinyung; and soon to be law student living in Berkeley, California. They grew up in the Bay Area though they spent time in Taiwan (where many of their relatives are from) as a child. They started blogging on Tumblr in 2011, and moved to Instagram in 2016. They are known for putting together dapper outfits and giving great style advice for all kinds of folks.


My educational and style development have really gone hand-in-hand. As a queer trans non-binary individual, navigating educational spaces was difficult and so was finding clothes that fit and clothes that resonated with how I saw myself. But through activist work and finding LGBTQ+ community in academia, I've found how to embrace a queer identity. And through social media, personal research, trial-and-error, I've found my own dapper style and a community of folks who love embracing the diversity in fashion. As I am on the pursuit of my Juris Doctor degree, it is to represent LGBTQ+ folks in the legal profession and to fight for this beautiful community through legal advocacy and policy development.

So this is me--excitedly queering Instagram, style, law, and the future. Find me on Instagram at @airinyung


This specific outfit is a completely me. I've got a bit of an odd "dad"-vibe, I love coordinating colors, and I collecting fun socks! The blue and green of the Inglis Kirrin Finch shirt quite perfectly matched my favorite pair of Otter socks, so I had to wear them together. The khaki's lightened up the otherwise dark black-blue-green outfit (customized the black cuffs for this look). Since I like less casual looks, the black vest and nicely textured sock tie were ideal additions, followed by the black belt, shoes and watch to match. The outfit in total is a little bit of neat, a little bit of quirky, and a whole lot of dapper. It's self-actualization and honest self expression. 


I'm on the UC Berkeley Campus--visiting my undergraduate alma mater before I start a new adventure at Georgetown Law School. I figured some red-brick buildings would pose as a nice backdrop for photos, but these photos also mean more than meets the eye.


I started my tumblr blog in 2011 and around late 2013/early 2014 it morphed into a a style and style advice blog particularly for trans/ nonbinary masculine folks who aren't white, tall, short-haired (ie not the mainstream androgynous person). It grew to have a significant following, so I decided to bring it to Instagram and I've been actively on Instagram since 2016.

Photos taken by Sarah Cavin @sarahncavin

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