Sunday Santiago

By Kirrin Finch
Sunday Santiago

The Stanhope Styled By Sunday Santiago

A nerd by degree, lover of nostalgia and dandy fashion, and a romantic at heart, Sunday is passionate about the transformative power of attire, utilizing their wardrobe as a means of expression and creativity. Finding delight in the details of a well-executed outfit, whilst drawing inspiration from nostalgic film, art, and music, Sunday created her own bow tie line, Atticus Atlas. Each piece is uniquely curated, often sourced from upcycled materials, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that is sewn on her 1958 Singer.

Outside of haberdashery and modeling for Kirrin Finch, Sunday is a singer-songwriter, actor, occasional tap dancer and creative. They are  currently in the works of writing a Cabaret based on the “Sewing Circles” of the 1920s, which they hope to produce and star in on a stage near you soon!

One of their current focuses is to transform their usage of social media, in the hopes of using it as a tool for inspiration and positivity on their Instagram @thegirlinabowtie. #ALoveLettertoSunday follows their journey of finding magic in the mundane, falling in love with life, New York City and dating themselves...and shows that you can live slowly, even in one of the fastest cities in the world.

One of the ways that you can slow down is by taking the time to mindfully put together your outfit in the morning. To give us some examples, Sunday took the Stanhope and has created three unique outfits that work for different occasion/moods.

Look #1: A Love Letter To Sunday

I have come to appreciate the simple, slow moments of waking in the morning and sitting down to journal, looking out the window over the park while the birds do their dance, and savoring the stillness. Sundays have become just that for me — an opportunity to slow down and just be. Even if I am having a solitary day, I love getting dressed up first thing, it is a great way to express myself and start the day feeling good. And what better attire to start this day with than the cozy AF Stanhope.

This flannel easily transitions from lounging around the house to going out into the city. You can easily dress up a flannel with a simple floral bow tie and a plaid newsboy cap. Historically, bow ties have been viewed as a highbrow, stuffy addition to an outfit and they don’t have to be. Wearing a bow tie isn’t so serious — it can be a fun addition to any outfit.

You shouldn’t be afraid to pair mixed patterns and colors. Some call it power clashing and if you do it right, it can make for an exciting twist on a traditional look. I took the yellow in the shirt and chose a bow tie that had gold tones in the floral. Even though the yellow tones in the bow tie were not the dominating color, it was just enough for it and the shirt to compliment each other. While it doesn’t seem like it would work, having similar color elements or tone can “tie” it all together (pun intended). Which is why the colors of the newsboy cap create a cohesive look, the little flecks of yellow bring all of the earth tones together.

I live in a 5th floor walk up which means that when I go out on a Sunday, I have to prepare for the elements and any unfolding of events...because there is no way in hell I am hiking all the way back up the stairs if I forget something, it rains or I get cold. With that said, thoughtfully preparing for the day with a simple trench can be a game changer.

LOOK #2: A Night On the Town

Whether you are preparing for a solo evening out on the town (which I highly recommend, btw) or you are going on a date with someone you have spent the last decade with, its ok to put in a little effort. It is about more than just looking nice, it is about the way you feel when you walk out the door and dressing up is a great way to feel confident. For me, taking pride in my appearance is an act of self-care and self-love.

One wouldn’t necessarily think that a gingham flannel would be an obvious go-to for dressing up for a night on the town but if paired with the right suit, it changes the whole look and classes it up. Suddenly the shirt goes from a cozy flannel to a sharp AF, dapper evening look.

I love having versatility within a look. If you decide to go with a 3-piece suit, you can later remove the blazer, roll up the sleeves and transition from being buttoned up to a more relaxed but still classy and timeless vibe.

Again, I chose contrasting patterns, pairing the gingham with a pinstripe, the navy tying it all together. Adding the bright, floral bow tie gives the outfit an unexpected and lively pop.

Even the smallest details, in this case a sock with a gingham pattern, are an interesting surprise. A little detail that only a few may notice, a secret to take with you throughout the night.

Lastly, I paired the assemble with my favorite formal vintage oxfords (scored from Ritual Vintage) to elevate the look even further. When paired with the Stanhope on its own, no one would ever think these Joan & David handmade Italian oxfords would ever compliment each other, which just goes to show you that with a little creativity this shirt it extremely versatile!

LOOK #3: The Artist

Pairing flannel with a skinny tie and adding a leather jacket and oxford boot — creates a simple but classic look with a bit of edge. If I had figured out my style in high school, and perhaps been a bit cooler, this is likely what I would have worn. It is an easy, everyday look. You can take the Stanhope from daytime to meeting friends for drinks to stage ready.

I love that this flannel material is warm enough to keep cozy on a winter day but light enough so that I can take the jacket off on a June evening, roll up the sleeves and still be comfortable.

As a creative and a musician, who loves dapper fashion, I don’t always (or ever) have the grandest budget to fulfill my champagne visions. This look is a perfect example of how far a few staple items in your closet can transform a favorite piece several different ways. Another great way to make the most of a smaller wardrobe is by adding accessories! Pairing outfits with different hats, neckerchiefs or ties can add a lot of versatility and help you change up your look more often than you might imagine.

In the era of Marie Kondo, you really should only have elements that spark complete joy. Quality over quantity. As I have shown, you don’t need a huge wardrobe to look sharp and get a lot of wear out of a favorite piece, such as the Stanhope!

Photos for this piece taken by LJ: @lauren_jennings

As a little bonus, here is a video of Sunday proposing to their now wife Lauren! In the hopes that the message of love and romance, regardless of sexuality, could be shared across the world, Sunday and Lauren, posted their video on YouTube where it has served as a message of hope that no matter what your circumstances are, love is out there and life gets better.

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