Ciara Strickland

By Kirrin Finch
Ciara Strickland

Kirrin Finch Styled By Ciara Strickland

At 26, Ciara has already worn quite a few hats while establishing herself as a prominent content creator and style influencer. With a bold yet refined, masculine yet feminine and "neo-nostalgic" approach, she focused on defining one thing: The New Mixx. Thus, her brand was born.

Currently completing her B.S.B.A. in Marketing, Ciara utilizes the skills she gained during her 4½ year tour in the United States Navy in unexpected ways. Her infusion of fine tailoring with the southern charm of her hometown (Chattanooga, TN) has become notably recognizable. However, her goal has always been clear to her. “I wanted The New Mixx to not only be an outlet for myself, but to bring any form of inspiration for anyone looking to transform or empower themselves.”

Her recent release (The Ultimate Style Guide) makes it clear that her expertise in style is only the beginning. In 2019 she founded The CS Creatives in partnership with her wife Andraia. Their approach? Produce quality content across various platforms while retaining relatability and openness with their audience. They specialize in product, wedding, lifestyle photography. They are currently expanding into individual creator development and social media management.

Knowing that Ciara likes to combine both masculine and feminine elements, we tasked her with styling our Plum Plaid Blazer in three different ways. But first we'll get to know Ciara and find out more about her fashion journey.


It has definitely changed quite a bit over time. I’ve always been the “tomboy” growing up, as I was heavily into sports (basketball and volleyball) and being in comfy clothes. I tried the “feminine” approach to clothes when in middle and high school, but I knew I wasn’t comfortable in it or could express myself. It wasn’t until I left for the military when I was able to fully discover what I liked and what to wear. It was definitely a trial and error process, from finding the right size, knowing my measurements, but with due time it has come together. I would say the biggest piece that helped put it all together is my tailor Anna. She knows the ins and outs of tailoring, and perfects all of my garments the way I like them. I like to be comfortable while still looking sharp/tailored/sophisticated and she definitely makes that happen, no matter the piece.


Today, it’s everything. From suiting to streetwear anything I wear is how I like it to be and not the “standard style rules”. When I wear suits, it’s kind of like an armor, it feels amazing. I always tell people, “when you dress good, you feel good” and it’s a statement I live by everyday.

I always tell people, "when you dress good, you feel good" and it's a statement I live by everyday.


Being in the government world, my Monday through Thursday looks are typically suits, however on Friday’s you always know when it is the day. I never used to wear jeans, only chinos and trousers, but over the last year or so, that has changed. I love the idea of sporty casual and this blazer paired with a white sweater, jeans, and white sneakers gave it the perfect balance.


Suit separates, one of my favorites. When I don’t feel like rocking a full suit, I pair up the suits in my closet and this blazer was the perfect addition. The light blue hues made the perfect pairing with the light blue button up shirt, navy trousers, and dark brown wingtips. I would honestly wear this M-F if we were back in the office. 10/10 would recommend suit separates to anyone looking to dive into suits!


Who doesn’t love a good turtleneck?! Turtlenecks to me are the white button downs of winter. Whenever the colder months begin , turtlenecks are my usual go-to. I decided to go with no pocket square. No tie (obviously). No extraneous accessories of any kind, actually, because the sweater and the blazer are all you need to make a statement. This is one of those, let the outfit do the talking kind of fits!

We hope you can get inspired by Ciara's sophisticated outfit choices and step out in the world with confidence.


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