Shopping a suit for your wedding day can be difficult to navigate. We’re here to help.

Suits can be intimidating, but that feeling you get when you put on something you feel confident in is priceless. Here in our Wedding and Event Guide, you’ll find a wide array of styles, unique fits, and all the answers you’ve been searching for. 

Finding Your Style

Today, people are questioning traditional notions of gender and embracing the freedom to be themselves. When it comes to event attire, you have options! Figure out what kind of attire you need for your event. Some people look for a full 3 piece suit while others feel more comfortable in a sharp pair of chinos & a dress shirt. You get to set the style.

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Model wearing the Georgie Formal Navy Suit with wavy blue interior lining

The Georgie Navy Suit Blazer

$ 380.00
Androgynous gray blazer

The Georgie Gray Suit Blazer

$ 380.00

Finding Your Fit

Once you find your style, take your measurements. Our blazers and vests come in sizes XS-3XL. The best way to figure out your size is to take your measurements and compare that to our size chart.

Take your body measurements by using a measuring tape to measure the smallest part of your waist and the fullest part of your hips and chest. Then compare that to our body measurements chart below to determine the best size.

Learn more about how to find the perfect fit for all your pieces by visiting our find your fit page.

Caring for Your Suit

Our Italian-made suits and blazers are made from wool and are dry clean only. Most people send their suits to the cleaners too often and the threads break down faster. One to three times a year is all that is necessary. To prolong trips, make sure you hang your garments on a good wood hanger to let the fabric air out after wearing. Use a suit brush to brush out any stains or spots once they are dry.

*Quick Tip* Keep bulkier items out of your suit pockets, as this can distress the seams of the jacket. Plus, overloaded pockets will ruin a crisp outline. Use your suit pockets for lighter items like bank cards or tickets and keep your phone in your pant pocket.

Wedding & Event FAQ

  • I’m looking for a custom suit! What are my options?

    We actually don’t do custom suiting. Everything we make is ready-to-wear. We have a wide range of sizes (XS-3XL in blazers and 0-24 in pants), so our customers find that they can often find the fit they are looking for (and occasionally people make minor alterations). But if you are truly looking for a bespoke custom suit, we do not offer that.

    We do offer free domestic returns and exchanges so you could always try our suit and if it fits, then great! If not, you can just send it back.

    We are also beginning to add more colorways in our Georgie Suiting line to offer more options!

  • This is my first time buying a suit and I’m having a hard time determining my size. Can you help?

    Absolutely! Our customer service team is more than happy to help you find the right fit. You can always feel free to email for any sizing questions. For folks who are local in NYC, we offer in person fitting appointments at our Brooklyn office which you can schedule with us over the phone or via email (temporarily on pause due to Covid).

  • My wedding is next week and I don’t have a suit! Eek! What can I do?

    We have two options for domestic priority shipping you can choose at checkout. We have a Priority 3-5 business day ($7) and a Priority Express 2-4 business day ($40). For folks on the west coast, we highly recommend choosing priority express if you need your suit asap. 

    For international customers (outside of Canada), we now have a UPS Worldwide express option. Shipping time varies by country.

  • The suit color and size I need is out of stock! Yikes! Can I pay extra to have one made separately?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to order individual pieces from our suiting factory. What is listed on the website is what we have available. You are always welcome to email us and ask when our next restock will be. We also occasionally get a size in with a return or exchange, so we always recommend signing up for our waitlist. Simply go to the product page, choose your size and click “Notify me when available” to sign up.

  • Do you offer tailoring or alterations in house?

    We do not currently offer this though we are hoping to have it available as an option in the future. We recommend finding a local tailor in your area for any alterations. 

  • I wore your suit for my wedding and felt amazing! Would you share some of my wedding photos on your social media?

    We love, love, LOVE seeing your wedding photos! You can always email them to us or send us a DM on Instagram @kirrinfinch. For those who would like us to share your photos in a post or story, we will have you fill out a consent-to-share agreement with all relevant info of who you would like us to tag (such as your incredible wedding photographer, for example!). You are also always welcome to tag us in photos with our handle and the hashtag #mykirrinfinch.