Real Weddings: Kristin + Samantha

By Kirrin Finch
Real Weddings: Kristin + Samantha

Kristin Dorn and Samantha Harris celebrated their love at The Ray Hotel with a wedding that was both intimate and grand. From their carefully chosen outfits, to the warm ambiance, every detail reflected their personalities and shared journey. Join us in exploring their beautiful day and the moments that made it unforgettable!

Tell us about yourselves!

We live in Boca Raton, Florida with our two teenage kids, 2 dogs, and a cat. We both travel quite a bit for work and enjoy eating our way through new cities/countries. We love a good whiskey, beach/pool days, and hosting parties for our friends. One of us (Kristin) is slightly obsessed with the Seattle Seahawks and Samantha is along for the yummy snacks that go along with football.

How did you two meet?

We met online! We started by texting, which lasted about 24 hours. After, we moved to FaceTime, then met in person at a park 48 hours after connecting online. I (Samantha) eventually proposed at the same park bench we sat at when we met in person.

What was important to you in planning your wedding day? 

Kristin and I wanted everyone to have an incredible party experience.  To us, this meant great food, fabulous fashion, and an epic dance party.  It was also important we celebrated each of our cultures through those facets.

How did you go about choosing what to wear for the wedding day?

I knew I wanted a suit that would look as if it was custom tailored to my body. Unisex suits for women are hard to come by. Suits made for men do not fit my body properly and are large in all the wrong places. Suits geared toward women are cut too feminine for my liking, so I was looking for something that met in the middle.

How did you feel when you first saw yourself in your wedding suit?

Handsome and comfortable, which is everything I wanted.

Which Kirrin Finch pieces did you wear?

The Georgie black suit blazer and dress pants, and Addams White Easy-Care Dress Shirt!

What were some of the most special memories from your wedding day? 

At our first look, I immediately started to 'ugly cry' when I saw her which took us both by surprise.  Kristin changed her outfit from a wedding dress into a 70's jumpsuit during the reception and several people thought she had a twin sister that all of a sudden showed up.

Any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Planning a wedding is rough, so give in to the moment when the time comes and simply enjoy the wedding, no matter what happens.  Go with the flow and be present for as much as you possibly can.  I highly recommend stealing a few moments alone with your partner during the wedding if at all possible.


Photography: Page Monet // @paigemonetphotos

Wedding Planner: Pink Wasabi // @pinkwasabi

Venue: The Ray Hotel // @therayhotel

Hair/Makeup: Leah Ashley // @leahbabwe

Florist: Miami Flower Walls // @miamiflowerwalls

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