What Dapper Means To You?

By Laura Moffat
What Dapper Means To You?

Traditionally dapper has meant someone (usually a man) who is stylishly or sharply dressed. But the word dapper has taken on a broader meaning and been adopted by many women and gender non-conforming folks who prefer the styles and designs of menswear. We wanted to find out what dapper means to you, so we held a contest.

We had a total of 23 entries!!! And wow, we were blown away by all the incredibly snappy dressers and thought provoking definitions. There was a consistent theme across all the entries: dapper definitely means looking sharp and stylish, but it's also about projecting confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin. It is about being your full authentic self and not being afraid to show it off to the world! We want to send a big thank you out to all those who entered the contest. It was an extremely tough decision choosing the winners. Check out our winner, Airin and runners up, Emery, Anne and Keri below.  

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