By Laura Moffat

The Colden Styled By Stray

Stray is a Kirrin Finch model, fashion blogger, stylist and all around awesome person. Stray was born and raised in Maryland and has been living in NYC for the last 10 years.

Kirrin Finch founders, Kelly and Laura, had a chance meeting with Stray at a party in Brooklyn and were so blown away by her style that they immediately recruited her to model for the brand. Now after multiple photos shoots, lots of hang outs, and countless laughs together...Stray has become a good friend and ambassador for Kirrin Finch

What we love about Stray is that she has an amazing ability to pull together outfits in a very unique way. We challenged her to style our new pink floral Colden short-sleeve shirt in three different ways, and she certainly brought the heat! 


I grew up wearing what I thought I was supposed to wear which was very feminine attire but I had my occasional tomboy days. I was a huge tomboy at home and would wear my brother's clothes in secret when no one was at the house. I never felt beautiful dressing in feminine clothes so I remember counting down the days till I left for college so I could finally express myself, freely.

When I got to college I was scared to take that risk because of the fear of being judged. But eventually I decided to stop caring if people judged me because I just wanted to be happy. I called my mom and told her I was getting rid of all of my clothes to make room for the new me.  She asked if she could keep some things but overall she just wanted me to be happy.

Through trial and error I had to figure out what worked with my body and what clothing made me feel beautiful. I feel like I found a look that works for me and I’m excited to expand my fashion taste as well.


I am passionate about the styling aspect of fashion and piecing looks together. I started my fashion blog recently and I think it’s fun and exciting way to express myself, document the looks I come up with and share links so that people can create similar looks if they’re interested.

I didn’t always feel comfortable in my skin or with the way that I looked and it was a long journey to learn to love myself and try not to compare myself to others. I used to go on vacations and get upset when someone suggested taking a photo because I was extremely awkward and wasn’t wearing clothes that suited me. Now that I’ve embraced who I am, I really enjoy being in front of the camera and expressing myself freely. 

Tomboy Style Guide


I paired the Colden shirt with green and white swimming shorts because I love the breathable comfort of swimming shorts in the summer.  Swim shorts are lightweight, non-restricting and perfect for those hot sweaty summers in NY. Also, you're always pool/beach ready. I really enjoy going to brunch on the weekends and this is a perfect brunch outfit. I added two gold chains I found at Buffalo Exchange, one under the collar while the other is more visible. I also wore black and gold rings and a bracelet that are from Forever 21. I'm also wearing gold frames from Amazon. I decided to wear a dusty rose Vans shoe I found at Crossroads  because I knew it would compliment the pink tones in the shirt. Also, vans are a great shoe for the summer and super affordable.  

Sometimes I like to be low key with my wardrobe but other times I like to wear statement pieces. The Colden shirt is a vibrant shirt and I decided to be vibrant with my pants as well. I made these pants myself a few years ago and felt that the pink and blue would blend well together despite the different patterns. The shoes are from Adidas  and they're super comfortable for walking. I like to button the top two buttons when I'm going for a more relaxed, streetwear look. You could catch me wearing this outfit while shopping in SOHO. 

I paired the shirt with grey jeans, a brown chelsea boot and a green longline jacket from Asos. I wore sunglasses that come in handy if you're having a rooftop dinner date before the sun sets. With this look, the shirt gives your outfit a little pop to bring everything together. 

I love the Colden shirt because I was immediately attracted to it when I saw it for the first time. It’s one of my favorite colors and its floral! When I wear men's button downs oftentimes the hip area where the shirt hits is too narrow which doesn’t agree with my body type. I love that all of Kirrin Finch’s shirts are made to bend with you and not against you. I feel super comfortable in it and it’s aesthetically pleasing. I love that you can dress the shirt up but you can also dress it down as well for every day wear. I’ve never had a button down shirt that fits me authentically like a Kirrin Finch shirt. This shirt is definitely one of my new favorites!


Instagram: @straydaze
Photos taken by Tonhya. Find her on Instagram @tonhyakae

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