Charcoal Tweed Blazer

$ 250.00 Regular price

Charcoal Tweed Blazer

$ 250.00 Regular price

The Highlights

Expertly crafted in Italy.
Made from eco-friendly recycled wool.
Working exterior and interior pockets.


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This dapper charcoal tweed herringbone blazer was expertly crafted in Italy from eco-friendly recycled wool. 

      1. Blazer made in Italy
      2. Fabric woven in Italy from 40% recycled wool, 25% mohair and a blend of nylon and polyester
      3. Unstructured, fully lined blazer
      4. Interior welt pocket and exterior flap pockets
      5. Front flap pockets will arrive sewn shut, but are working pockets and can be easily opened
      6. Gray button holes
      7. Single vent at the back
      8. Dry clean only
    1. Charcoal Tweed Vest

      Charcoal Tweed Vest

      $ 140.00 Regular price

Responsible Materials

Recycled Wool

In an effort to be kinder to the earth and create less waste, our tweed blazers and vests are made using 40% recycled wool.

Timeless & Classic Style

Tweed Herringbone

Tweed herringbone fabric has been a core of dapper style for over 150 years. Tweed originated in 19th century Scotland and was known as the ideal sporting attire during the 19th and 20th centuries due to its sturdy and water-resistant nature. Our tweed blazers and vests can be dressed up with a tie or bow tie for a more formal look or dressed down with a pair of jeans and a button-up for something more casual.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kati G. (Vernon, CA)
Lovely Jacket

This blazer looks and feels good. Very nice lightweight wool tweed. My only criticism is that the sleeves on the XS size are a little snug in the circumference. I'm a really tiny person (100 lbs.) and have thin arms and still find the sleeves a bit narrow to fit as comfortably as I'd like. Otherwise, a great jacket.

Jules S. (Chicago, US)

Amazing suit. Amazing customer service. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!

Rae (Cambridge, US)
Lovely Quality but Too Short for My Arms

I was really excited for this blazer (and vest) and the quality was really nice! I wanted it to work out but it was just too short in the sleeves for me! Something to be aware of if you have longer limbs.

Adelaide (Seattle, US)
Love it!!

Love this jacket so much!! I got so many compliments. I truly can’t say how much I appreciate this company and their ability to provide gender-affirming formal clothing for plus size afab individuals. Can’t wait to buy more.

Annie J. (Minneapolis, US)
Beautiful Piece

I purchased both the charcoal tweed jacket and vest. First I will say, these pieces are incredibly affirming and I absolutely love the way I look in them. They fit perfectly, even the sleeve length, which I was concerned about as a smaller framed person (I’m 5”2 and I ordered a small). Great quality and very fast shipping.

The only slight problem I had (I would give 4 1/2 stars if that was an option), was that the pocket sewing on the front flap pockets was I extremely tight. I had to be extra careful not to snag the wool and it was kind of stressful seeing as I invested quite a bit in the jacket. While I was able to get them open, I have fully functional, dexterous use of my hands. If someone with different or limited hand mobility had to open these, they might be unable to. Also I was confused as to why the pockets were sewn but not the back flap, which is rolling up slightly due to this lack. The pockets on the vest were not as challenging.

Regardless, with those caveats in mind, I would absolutely recommend this piece.