Emery McKinstry

By Laura Moffat
Emery McKinstry

The Woodlawn Styled By Emery McKinstry 

Emery McKinstry is a dapper genderqueer who works at NYU as a chemistry lab coordinator. They also facilitate Off the Binary, a monthly non-binary meetup that provides a place of discussion, support, and community for those with a gender non-conforming identity. They grew up in upstate NY, went to school outside of Philly, and are now located in NYC. They have been documenting their journey into their non-binary gender on Instagram (@emaginary.gender) since 2016 and are grateful for the inspiring dapper and queer fashion community they have found through social media.

These photos were taken in Central Park. Spending time in nature is always the best way for me to clear my head, escape the rest of the world, and feel the most at ease to truly be myself. Because of this, I have explored my queer and trans identity by playing with gender and style through photo-shoots in nature for many years. Now that I live in NYC, it’s hard to find these respites but Central Park will do. I love the variety of architecture and scenery this park has to offer; it made it easy to display the versatility of the Woodlawn.

This blue and white floral patterned button down is awesome for my non-binary gender since the print adds softness to your typical masculine shirt. I really enjoyed mixing and matching some of my favorite clothing items and accessories with the Woodlawn. It can easily be dressed up or down and so will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe. Wearing and styling the Woodlawn was such a boost of confidence, as it’s rare to find a short-sleeved button down that is stylish and also fits perfectly.


My first inspiration came from the colors in the Woodlawn’s vibrant blue and white floral pattern and I knew I had to coordinate with them. To do so I wore light grey dress pants and accessorized with navy suspenders and a light blue bow tie. My wardrobe is always dominated by blues, (no matter how hard I try to add a variety of colors), so it was easy to find different shades of blue to incorporate. It’s a great way to dress to impress for a Sunday brunch with friends or as summer work attire. 


For this outfit I wanted to show off how my style is usually a mix of casual and formal. The Woodlawn works great with classic formal elements like the blazer, tie, and tie clip I’m wearing. To make it more my personal style, I threw on a hat to queer up the traditional dapper look. I would wear this look to a queer party or fashion show in the city. 


To show off my love of florals, I wanted to pair the Woodlawn with one of the many floral ties I own (you can never be flowery enough). With the olive green shorts, this look makes me feel like a flower myself, forever blossoming into my queer fashion sense. This outfit would be stellar for a nice stroll through the botanical gardens, a casual summer wedding, or maybe both!  


Who says overalls can only be casual? I paired these black denim overalls with the Woodlawn to give them extra flair. The bow tie and glasses pin were added for a dapper nerdy twist. It’s a rocking look for a date with someone special at a science museum or aquarium.  

Photos taken by @cul8rsk8r

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