This yellow and navy buffalo check button down is super cozy and looks good with just about anything. Navy buttons give a modern flair to the traditional buffalo check shirt. Definitely best worn sitting around a campfire with friends.

    1. 100% cotton twill
    2. High-quality Japanese fabric
    3. Medium weight fabric (4 oz)
    4. 9 button front - reduced boob gape
    5. Navy buttons
    6. Unique navy logo cuff buttons
    7. Made in NYC


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
"There you are"

Those were my thoughts when I looked into the mirror after putting on my first Kirrin Finch shirt. All my life I've bought mens or women's clothes that I tried to make work for me, but finally someone made something that was meant for me, for my body, for my identity. To look in the mirror and see your authentic self, tailored and confident for the first time at the age of 40 is transformative and powerful and I'll never forget it. I'm walking through my day with confidence for the first time... maybe ever and people can tell. I've received so many compliments in this shirt I've lost count. Kirrin Finch, you've made a loyal customer for life!

KF is now my official shirt supplier

This shirt is awesome, it has the perfect fit i’ve been looking for, and i mean perfect. As any other androgyne knows, it’s almost impossible for us to find the perfect balance when it comes to shirts and these guys made it happen: they do more than simply making shirts, they craft something that makes you feel more like yourself and this is priceless. Plus, the fabric feels just great. Last but not least, i would rate the customer care a 10, they’ve been super kind and helpful. Can’t wait to get more

Awesome lightweight shirt with a great fit, no tailoring needed.

I had pretty much sworn off buying button-down shirts: men's shirts have appealing earth tones and crisp patterns, but are too tight in the bust, too long in the torso and sleeves...and women's shirts are too flowy, blousy, narrow in the shoulders, cutsie with a mini pocket, etc. You know the drill. Eventually I tried taking an expensive REI flannel to a tailor for customization, and it cost...about $145 in total (retail price of shirt, plus tailoring cost), tbh. So when KF sent me a little coupon code, I felt excited - nay, encouraged - to buy a button-down that would fit me "off the rack." Stanhope has a great check pattern, cheerful outdoorsy colors, and THE FIT IS PERFECT. No tailoring required. THRILLING. Great summer-weight shirt. I'd buy a few the next few years, lol. It's pricey, but the Good Feels of effortlessly fitting into an androgynous button-down and looking amazing cannot be understated. Conclusion: if you can afford one, get one.

Great shirt

Love this shirt, fits great and I love the color. Wish they had more colors in stock.

Go with your gut

My wife (now ex) told me this wouldn't look good im me. So I didn't buy it. But I really wanted to own it. It was unique and I knew it would fit well. Within weeks of becoming single, I bought this shirt and I get complimented on it a lot. So, many lessons yo be learned from this. Primarily, go with your gut and dress yourself however the F you want.

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