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Shark print alert! Need we say more. Snap up this fun blue and white striped short-sleeve button-down today! 

    1. 100% cotton 
    2. Lightweight fabric (3 oz)
    3. Button-down collar
    4. 9 button front - reduced boob gape
    5. White buttons
    6. Made in India



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Becky L. (Granada Hills, US)

I have always hated buying clothes because nothing I have ever tried on felt like me. Now, in my 40s, I've finally found clothes that not only look, feel, and fit great, but that I feel reflects who I am. Not only do these clothes reflect my style, but they reflect my values in that they are ethically made. Thank you!

Margaret N. (Salt Lake City, US)
Love the Ramsey Shirt and Chinos

We gave the Ramsey shirt and a pair of chinos to my daughter for her birthday. She loved them both! Her comment was "I love wearing clothes I like that fit me well." Thank you!

Shannon H. (Reno, US)
Love sharks and love the shirt

This is the second shirt I have bough from Kirrin Finch and I am in love with both. The shirt is a good fit and the material is high quality but light weight and soft. New favorite brand!

Dee S. (San Francisco, US)

Unfortunately, it’s freezing in San Francisco, but we’re anticipating a heat wave and I can’t wait to wear my amazing shirt. It fits perfectly!!!

F.M. (Brooklyn, US)
Nice shirt - some things I like and some things that could be improved.

What I like about the shirt:
1. The design is great, who doesn't want a shark shirt? right?
2. The sleeve length! Finally, a short sleeve for females and fluid individuals that actually covers the upper arm. I have to buy mens tee shirts because of this. I don't like cap sleeves and not sure anyone buying from KF does either.

What I don't love:
1. This clothing is technically for women and non-binary individuals. Women have curves, especially around the breasts. It's weird that there isn't more room there. I have large breasts and it is near impossible to find a non-feminine shirt that slims at the waist and has space for large breasts. Even KF, your top model has no breasts and no hips. I wish. It's a little infuriating, actually.
2. It's a little long for me. I am 5'2". It's wearable but again, same issue I find when forced to look at mens clothing. Length and breast space are still a little lacking. Don't get me wrong, it is nearly there, just not quite yet.

I appreciate all that this company does. Just a review from a curvaceous non-binary individual with hips, large boobs (DDD), and who is a little on the short side.

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