Sand Linen Pants

$ 175.00 Regular price

Sand Linen Pants

$ 175.00 Regular price

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These lightweight and breathable linen pants are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. With matching blazer and vest, you can go all in with linen.

    1. 100% Italian made linen
    2. Deep pockets on the front and back
    3. Cream buttons on the back pockets
    4. Made in Italy
    5. Inseam 29.5 inches with 1 inch available in the hem for additional tailoring
    6. Dry clean only

    1. Sand Linen Blazer

      Sand Linen Blazer

      $ 275.00 Regular price
    2. Sand Linen Vest

      Sand Linen Vest

      $ 145.00 Regular price


Perfect For Summer

Linen is the quintessential summer fabric for very good reason. It has natural moisture and heat wicking properties, able to draw both heat and moisture away from the body.

Better For The Earth

Sustainable Fabric

Linen is made from the flax plant, which is one of the more naturally environmentally friendly textile crops. It requires less water and less pesticides than the cotton plant.
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Customer Reviews

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j (New York, US)
A little stiff, but great quality

I love this suit and can tell I'll have it for a long time.

First, the fit: I'm 5'7", about 140 lbs, and have an athletic build. I got the medium jacket and size 4 pants. Overall, I had to make minimal alterations. The jacket fit great in the arms and shoulders, but there was a bit too much room around my body, so I had it taken in at the sides a little bit. The pants are a little snug on my butt and upper thighs, so I wouldn't want to have to carry a ton of stuff in my pockets, but they fit great around the waist. I had the length taken up about an inch or so. I considered going up a size in the pants, but I feared that if I did they'd be too big around the waist and butt and I'd have to have more alterations made, so I'm sticking with these and hoping the linen loosening over time will give me a little more room.

The material: Super high-quality. Love the lining. I did expect it to be a bit more breathable than it is? I wore it to a wedding in Portland, Oregon, in June. The weather was supposed to be 70s and ended up being like 90. I was sweating pretty heavily in this, but then again I think you'd be hot in anything at that temp.

The color: I love the tan linen because I think it's great for spring/summer. I wore it with a light blue linen shirt and brown shoes, and I think that combo made it a little too "retired dad" for me. I think a fun patterned shirt would help you avoid that.

Overall, I love the suit and definitely plan to invest in another from kirrin finch when I can afford it.

lisa o. (Los Angeles, US)

They are great