Green and Navy Plaid Shirt

Plaid speaks fall and winter. This plaid shirt has green, navy and yellow throughout and adds a pop of color to any outfit. It's a great option for the holidays paired with a blazer or vest. 
    1. 100% cotton poplin
    2. Light - medium weight fabric
    3. 9 button front - reduced boob gape
    4. Button-down collar
    5. Brown buttons
    6. Unique nacy logo cuff buttons
    7. Made in NYC


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Green and Navy Plaid Shirt Fits Great!

This is my first Kirrin Finch shirt, and wow they really hit the nail on the head. It accommodates my broader shoulders and thicker arms without the torso fitting like a tent. I’m impressed with the fit and will definitely be buying more shirts from Kirrin Finch.


Green and Navy Plaid Shirt

The Green and Navy Plaid Shirt Is A Must Have!

I love, love, love my Green and Navy Plaid Shirt! I had been looking for a Green and Navy Plaid Shirt forever and ran across this high quality, great looking shirt at Kirrin Finch! I bought it along with the Red and Navy Plaid Shirt and truly believe both should be a Must Have in any Wardrobe and it too is another Kirrin Finch winner! Great design, true to fit scale, extra room around the waist, fun and a superb looking shirt! Goes with so many colors, fabrics, casual or formal wearAbsolutely 10 stars versus 5 stars!

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