Color: Blue

The oxford is a classic staple that never goes out of style. And we all know blue is the warmest color:) We've taken this light blue oxford to the next level by making it with 100% organic cotton. It's eco-conscious and the ultimate work versatile shirt - pair it with dark blue jeans for a relaxed startup type vibe or throw it on under a suit for a more professional look.

    1. 100% organic cotton
    2. High-quality Japanese oxford fabric
    3. Medium weight fabric (4.5 oz)
    4. 9 button front - reduced boob gape
    5. Button-down collar
    6. White buttons
    7. Unique blue logo cuff buttons
    8. Made in NYC


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Shirt

When I was a teenager, I appropriated a worn-out light blue oxford shirt from my dad's closet. It didn't fit me at all, but I wore it all the time. This shirt fits like I wished that shirt had.

new favorite shirt

i love love love this shirt. it looks so dapper, fits like a dream, and makes me feel confident. lovely color and fabric. no complaints at all about this shirt.

Finally, shirts that fit!

I have trouble finding shirts that cut right on my body. These shirts are incredible! They fit me exactly how I want them to and they feel so soft. I will definitely be back for more!

Wore this to a wedding and it was perfect

First of all, I love Kirrin Finch every shirt I’ve bought from them I end up wearing non-stop. I needed a shirt ASAP for a wedding and they came through. I felt super confident dancing the night away in this button up.

Great Shirt

I love a lot of things about this shirt: the fabulous fit, the lack of boob gap, the versatility, and the eco-conscious made in NYC production. The only thing I don't like is that it wrinkles and I'm not very into ironing. But I like that it's 100% cotton, so I guess I have to deal.

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