This is not your average Hawaiian printed shirt! With a bold navy, white and red leaf print, this cotton shirt is ready to rock any occasion. Throw it on with a gray blazer and you're the most fashionable person at any wedding. Match it with a pair of coral pink shorts or chinos and you are brunch ready!  

    1. 100% cotton 
    2. Lightweight fabric (3.5 oz)
    3. Button-down collar
    4. 9 button front - reduced boob gape
    5. Navy buttons
    6. Made in NYC



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lindsey (Boston, US)
Enjoyable summer print

The summery print on the Abbot is on point. The short sleeves are about the right length (mid-biceps is my preference). But after normal laundering, I find the shirt is a bit snug on the chest. Somehow not the case for my Stanhope shirt? Also the fabric on this shirt has a rough feel compared to the Stanhope. I am surprised by the not-utterly-delightful texture of the fabric.

Emily (Portland, US)

This shirt is perfect. The button placement is perfect. The length is perfect. The style is amazing. Keep it coming, baby!

Jenny M. (San Francisco, US)
Great quality

Great shirt, just does not stretch at all.

Cassie L. (Cincinnati, US)
Runs small

My normal size was too small and both sizes above are sold out. I love the pattern and the concept. Just never seems to work out.

Natalia G. (Portland, US)
Great Fit, Love the Pattern

As female bodied person who loves to dress MOC, I love clothing companies that create gender neutral clothing that actually fit someone with curves. I've tried a number of such companies - for me, this shirt was my first Kirrin Finch purchase. All I can say is that this shirt fits me really, really well. Better than any other gender neutral clothing company I've tried. The cost is on the pricier end, but is worth it. Where I typically struggle with fit is that my chest measurement is much bigger than my waist measurement, because I am so curvy. A lot of other gender neutral companies design clothes with the chest/waist ratio much closer together. This means that a shirt that fits my chest is wayyy too big for my waist/hips. I also love the pattern of this shirt. I'd love to see Kirrin expand into other clothing like jeans - I would definitely love to purchase pants that fit well with real usable pockets that are not chinos :)

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