Press Coverage

Fast Company - May 10, 2017

Meet The Brooklyn-Based Company Making Women's Wear More "Dapper"


Cosmopolitan - April 12, 2017

20 Clothing Brands for People Who Give a Sh*t About the Environment

"This menswear-inspired brand makes shirts that address the boob gap while also doing better for the environment. All of its clothes are manufactured in New York."


Marie Claire - February 24, 2017

Married to the Job: How 3 Fashion Couples Make It Work

"What better time to start a company than shortly after quitting your job, getting married, and trekking around the world? Blame love-induced optimism, because Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat's light- bulb moment—"We're going to start a clothing line!"—happened on their honeymoon."


Huffington Post/Factory 45 Blog - January 4, 2017

6 Experts Reveal The Sustainable Fashion Projects To Watch In 2017

“This year, I’m excited by brands that are blurring the traditional boundaries of fashion. New brands like Kirrin Finch are filling a void for (proper-fitting) menswear-inspired womenswear as established companies like Burberry make mixed gender shows a fixture of fashion week. 

In addition, the concept of quality clothing that purposefully endures through sizes and seasons is resurfacing among sustainable lines: Sotela designs dresses that span several sizes while the made-to-order brand DeSmet rejects the fashion calendar to release just one piece per month over the course of the year.”

Elizabeth Stilwell, Creator of The Note Passer and Co-Founder of the Ethical Writers Coalition




The Atlantic - November 29, 2016

The Power of Two

"LAURA AND KELLY SANDERS MOFFAT almost didn’t meet. Their first date coincided with a miserable January blizzard, and they both remember dreading going anywhere in that weather and toying with the idea of cancelling. Fortunately, they both showed up that night to a restaurant in Brooklyn and hit it off right away, talking so much they almost forgot to order food."



Kirrin Finch Makes Clothes and Is A Cool AF Social Club

"I had the pleasure of meeting, Laura and Kelly, the wife and wife duo of Kirrin Finch at the Superbutch fashion show in Toronto earlier this year. We became fast friends based on the killer moves the two threw down on the dance floor. They convinced me and my girl, Kate to come down to NYC that weekend to take part in their photoshoot. And what ensued next was nothing short of pure magic, and I’m not just talking about my smizing! – We created community that weekend."



Interview With Queer Clothing Company Kirrin Finch

"We didn’t grow up wanting to be fashion designers. We were both tomboys, and only really cared about making sure our outfits allowed us to ride bikes and climb trees. But as we grew up, it became obvious that mainstream retailers didn’t cater to us. It was always a hunt to find something that felt right, and we were often forced to make the choice between poorly-fitting menswear and super feminine womenswear."


Maker's Row Live - November 3, 2017

Starting An Apparel Brand With No Experience

We sat down with CMO and Co-Founder of Maker's Row, Tanya Menendez, to talk about starting an apparel brand with no experience, entrepreneurship, and design in a niche market. 


VICE Magazine - NOVember 1, 2016

Gender in Fashion Is Dead

"A lot of tomboys gravitate toward menswear clothes, but menswear isn't fit for people who have a bust or hips," said Laura Moffatt. She and her wife, Kelly, started a company called Kirrin Finch for clothes that look traditionally male, but are cut for women's bodies. It's a labor of love for the couple—and it would have to be, given that their backgrounds have little to do with fashion. Laura, who holds a PhD in neuroscience from NYU, worked in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years before starting the company, and Kelly was a teacher and elementary school librarian. 


Pride Magazine - October 25

Kirrin Finch's New Fall-Winter Collection Will Make You Want to Blow Your Paycheck

Kirrin Finch, the sustainable clothing brand founded by Brooklyn couple Laura and Kelly Moffat, is back with a fall-winter collection that will make you want to blow your paycheck. The collection’s long sleeve button down shirts, classic Oxford shirts, and bow ties could be dressed up for a holiday party, or dressed down for a weekend lunch with friends.



Women's Tighty Whities and Men's Hot Pink Briefs: Gender-Bending Fashion Goes Mainstream

"Several new companies are building their businesses around the mainstreaming of androgynous clothing, no longer a passing fad....Brooklyn-based couple Kelly and Laura Moffat saw a need among women for masculine shirts. They themselves had struggled to find staple oxfords that looked boxy but still fit the female form."


International Business Times / Fashion Times - JULY 28

Gender Fluid Fashion: Chic Menswear Style For Women From A Brooklyn Startup

"At their work space in the Brooklyn Fashion Design Accelerator, Laura and Kelly discussed Kirrin Finch, how they launched the brand with no prior fashion experience, what it's like working with a spouse and who their style icons are." 


CANADIAN TIMES - July 18, 2016

Fashion Brands Are Finding New Markets In Gender-Neutral Clothing

"Growing up, Laura Moffat gravitated toward the chic menswear of British designers Ben Sherman and Ted Baker, but she was never quite able to recreate the looks herself. Women’s button-down shirts were too short and too fitted, with floppy collars ill-suited to the bow ties the self-described “dapper, androgynous woman” liked to wear. And while men’s shirts were sturdy enough, they simply didn’t fit her female form."


Brooklyn Based - June 21, 2016

You Are What You Wear–Queer Clothing Companies Reject Fast Fashion In Favor Of Something More Personal

"Kirrin Finch, the company that Moffat and her wife, Kelly Sanders Moffat started together, is part of a growing number of businesses dedicated to helping non-gender-conforming customers feel good in their own skins."



How These Entrepreneurs Started An Apparel Line With No Experience

"When I think of all the things I wanted to be as a little girl, fashion designer was not on the list. But when my wife and I took a sabbatical from work and travelled around the world, we came up with the wild idea of starting a fashion business."


Ecosalon - May 25, 2016

Breaking Gender Barriers: Ethical Menswear for Everyone

"Make these [Kirrin Finch] button down tops work for summer by rolling up your sleeves and pairing them with Bermuda length shorts and boat shoes or sandals. If it’s really warm, then wear it unbuttoned layered over a thin tee or tank. These would also work great paired with khakis in a business casual setting, for a brunch date, or as a wedding guest."


Curve - May 23, 2016

How #Superbutch Topped Toronto's Queer Community

"Evidence of the revitalization and reclaiming of butch identity was made very clear this past weekend when dozens of diverse butch and trans models, panelists and production crew, showed up to volunteer their time and identities to the event. International and local gender progressive brands such as Kirrin Finch, Nik Kacy Shoes, Thuy Custom Clothier, Sun and Sun and Alljackedup  were also on site showcasing how they service the butch communities needs."


NY Times - April 24, 2016

Made in NYC Looks To Give Manufacturing A Handcrafted Image

This NY Times article explains about the campaign. Our Kirrin Finch shirts were featured on advertisements located in the subway and phone booths in NYC. They ran three different campaigns: fashion, food and furniture 


Ecouterre - April 7, 2016

Kirrin Finch: Ethical Menswear-Inspired Apparel for Gender Outlaws

"Sustainability is something that is core to who we are as people and to our brand. But no matter what, you have to design something that people see and want to buy, regardless of what it is made of. Secondly it has to fit great. If it doesn’t fit, customers are not going to buy it a second time, or they will just send it back and there goes your opportunity to have a viable business."


Blavity - March 25, 2016

4 Menswear-Inspired Staples You Need In Your Closet

"Start-up Kirrin Finch designs shirts with a menswear aesthetic that are specially made to fit female bodies. Say goodbye to that annoying gaping boob button! Pair one with shorts, skirts, or cropped pants in spring."


RIVET - MARCH 9, 2016

Is the Fashion Industry Ready to Officially Defy Gender Boundaries?

"In adapting the traditional men’s button-down for women, Kirrin Finch grapples with a number of fit issues. One of the challenges the brand encounters is that men’s button-down shirts gape over the bosom, a problem which the designers are trying to solve by adding extra buttons and removing darts. The brand is also making the circumference around the neck smaller and putting in a strong fusible for a bow tie or tie, since women’s shirts often scrunch around the neck and don’t keep a clean line."



Meet The Founders of Lesbian-Owned Clothing Brand Kirrin Finch

"Kirrin Finch is named after tomboy characters George Kirrin of Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five series, and Scout Finch of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Fittingly, the new clothing brand, founded by the married team of Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, makes perfectly cut androgynous button-up shirts that either character might gravitate toward in adulthood."


Classic American Style - February 10, 2016

Kirrin Finch  Shirts: A Kickstarter Campaign

"That gap in the marketplace led Kelly and Laura to conceive, plan and ultimately launch Kirrin Finch, fittingly named after two fictional tomboys. Although neither has experience in the apparel industry, they’re fortunate to live in a city with a number of resources to guide nascent apparel making concerns. The shirts they’ve designed bear all the hallmarks of classic men’s tailoring."


HUFFINGTON POST - FEbruary 3, 2016

This Amazing Queer Clothing Company Offers New Options For Getting Dressed

“By offering other women and genderqueer individuals more options to match their outside with their inside, we hope more people will have the confidence to be their authentic selves.”


DapperQ - February 2, 2016

New Brooklyn Fashion Brand Kirrin Finch Breaks Gender Barriers With Eco-Conscious Collection

"Kirrin Finch, a unique Brooklyn-based apparel brand, today launched its first collection of button-up shirts that combine the design and aesthetic of “menswear” with the perfect fit for a range of bodies assigned female at birth."