Our Inspiration

The name, Kirrin Finch, was inspired by iconic fictional tomboys "Georgina Kirrin" from The Famous Five series and "Scout Finch" from To Kill A Mockingbird. Both these characters embrace the tomboy spirit and are not constrained by society's views of how a woman should behave or dress. You'll probably notice that each shirt takes on the name of a tomboy character. 


The Team

Although we don't come from a traditional fashion background, Kelly was a teacher in the NYC public school system and Laura has a Neuroscience PhD and is a former marketing consultant, we are no longer willing to settle for ill-fitting menswear or overly frilly womenswear. So, we decided to join the movement that rejects traditional stereotypes and gives people the freedom to be their true selves.



Laura grew up in Scotland and came to the US to pursue her dream to be a professional golfer. Almost 20 years later, with little to no time out on the links, she would consider herself a better marketer than a golfer. She loves cats, tasty food, well-made drinks, traveling, modern design and, of course, Kelly. 



Kelly grew up in a slightly less exotic place, NJ. She played soccer in college and still plays to this day. She can often be found waving a Human Rights Campaign flag. She is happiest sitting in front of a campfire with friends, food and a tasty beer. She's come around to the idea of cats, but shhh don't tell Laura.