Who is a Dapper Scout?


1. Kickass DAPPER style

Someone who knows how to look good. Their effortless dapper style has everyone turning heads as they strut their stuff down the street. 

2. Community ambassador

Someone who has provided inspiration for others and helped drive change in their community. 



STYLED BY Doreen Pierre

In this new Dapper Scout series, Doreen styles the Stowe button-up shirt in three different ways. From work, to a night out on the town and into the weekend, Doreen shows that with a little bit of imagination one shirt can give you three awesome looks. 


Airin Yung

Airin Yung is a style blogger and soon to be law student based in the Bay Area. They are known for putting together dapper outfits and giving great style advice for all kinds of folks. Airin showcases the Kirrin Finch Inglis shirt in a series of photos taken around the Berkeley campus. 

Doreen Pierre

Doreen Pierre is an up and coming fashion blogger who has already been noticed by Buzzfeed and DapperQ. We were blown away by her spruced up dapper look and had to find out more about the woman behind the Dapperpenniless blog. 

Dapper Scout Natasha O'Ryan 4 by 5.png

Natasha O'Ryan

We spoke with lesbian lifestyle blogger, Natasha O'Ryan, about the evolution of her blog Effort-Lez, lesbian culture, being an entrepreneur and the role of fashion in the queer community. 

Jules Skloot

We chatted with dancer and teacher, Jules Skloot, about his gender identity, how he explains it to his students and what role clothing plays in the expression of gender. We also talked about his love for dance and how he uses that as a medium for education and social justice.

Dapper Scout Abby Miller

Abby Miller

We sat down with clothing designer and homelessness policy advocate, Abby Miller, to discuss starting her own clothing company and the influence of people and location on her own personal style and acceptance of herself.

Laura K Dapper Scout Front Image.jpg

Laura Kanaplue

We spoke with fashion blogger, Laura Kanaplue, about her passions for blogging, fashion, and social work, as well as her very recent wedding and move to London. 


Rennie Quarles

We interviewed friend and style guru, Rennie Quarles, to paint a picture of what it is like to be a woman who gravitates towards menswear-inspired clothes.


We spoke with Leigh Brown, a social change agent using intellectual prowess to do good in the world, about being Genderqueer, as well as gender identity and expression and the influence of both on Leigh’s personal style.