What Our Happy Customers Are Saying


"OMG! LAURA! My shirts came! THEY FIT SO PERFECT! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Now I only wish I'd ordered more! I'm a lawyer and I dress masculine and these shirts are so perfect! They will also be great for casual wear with jeans! My boobs are big and these shirts don't show any bra! I will be ordering more soon! I couldn't be a happier customer! Your quick shipment and delivery was awesome too! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't wait for y'all to put out pants as well! Thank you thank you!" - Libby, Texas

"Their shirts are AH-MAY-ZING – but that’s not why I come back time and time again to buy a $100+ button down...." My Journey from "What's a Kirrin Finch" to total fan-girl status

"I ordered a Kirrin Finch button down shirt recently and wanted to send a thank you for the wonderful service! I LOVE the shirt, the fit is incredible, and I can't wait to own more. I wore it paired with a bow tie for my graduation last weekend and got so many compliments." - Brittany, Wisconsin
"The shirt fits really well. You guys have an awesome awesome product!" - Doreen, New York
"The shirt fits perfectly. I've never had a shirt fit this nicely. It feels tailored." - Liselle, New York. 
"Received and am wearing my first Kirrin Finch shirt! Fits and feels great. Tons of compliments. Over the holiday season I started to have a passion for cloths and confidence and have visited a couple places in Portland that are in the same market and this shirt blows those out of the water." - Jamie, Oregon.
"You all are the best! I'm obsessed with your shirts. Thanks for making a great product." - Susie, Massachussetts. 
"The shirt is perfect! Thank you so much!" - Larissa, New York. 
"I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your kind THANK YOU! post cards. My partner and I were blown away to receive them with our beautiful clothing. Laura and Kelly - you are both an inspiration and a couple of great all round chicks. We wish you on going success. We love your clothing and ethic and we are spreading the word."  - Mardi, Australia. 
"My shirt fits so well and is really comfortable, I love it!" - Diana, New York. 
"This is the first time I have been able to just order a shirt and have it arrive and fit like a glove. I have never been able to do that before. Everything I wear is either incorrectly sized in some aspect or tailored/altered to fit." - Jesse, New Jersey.
"Thank you for the great customer service! I wanted to let you know that I actually did end up getting the shirts in time for my trip and they fit great! I'll definitely keep your company in mind for future shirts." - Jess, California. 
"Thank you so much for making such a brilliant product - my first KF shirt arrived in the post today and I am in love." - Madeline, Australia.  
"Ordering from Kirrin Finch and getting this fantastic shirt has been an amazing experience! Thank you so much! I love the shirt and what you're doing with your brand. You made me so happy to get a key part of my outfit that made me feel so comfortable and true to myself. My girlfriend appreciated it too :) Thanks again! Look forward to ordering more from Kirrin Finch in the future!" - Giuliana, California. 
"I got to tell you your shirts look even better in person!! They are soooo cute! You girls did a really great job with this collection!"  - Natasha, Canada
"Kirrin Finch shirts have a really great fit for my body. The fabric is fantastic! And your attention to detail is not only really impressive, but gives me the feeling to have bought something made with lots of love!" - Sonja, Germany.