What Is Organic Cotton?

People are always talking about buying organic, but what does that actually mean in terms of clothing?
Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton uses no synthetic pesticides, manmade fertilizers or genetically modified seeds. Want to learn more about the benefits of organic cotton? 

Kelly Moffat
Stylish Color Combinations To Spruce Up Your Look

Ever struggled to figure out what colors go well together or how to elevate an everyday look with a pop of color? We love having fun with color combinations, so we put together a handy guide to help take your outfit to the next level. 

Laura Moffat
What Dapper Means To You?

Traditionally dapper has meant someone (usually a man) who is stylishly or sharply dressed. But the word dapper has taken on a broader meaning and been adopted by many women and gender non-conforming folks who prefer the styles and designs of menswear. We wanted to find out what dapper means to you, so we held a contest. And wow, we were blown away by so many amazing entries!

Laura Moffat
What is the Definition of Dapper?

Dapper is defined as a spruce and stylish dresser. Traditionally it has referred to men, but more recently women sporting suits, button-ups and bow ties have been described as dapper. We are holding a contest for a free Kirrin Finch button-up shirt and want to know what dapper means to you. 

Laura Moffat
History of Women Wearing Men's Clothing

For many years, women were restricted to wearing dresses, and tight corsets, but things started to change in the late 19th century. Women began to challenge the norms, and started wearing more masculine clothing. We explore the history of women wearing men's clothing in this blog post. 

Laura Moffat
Plaid: Family Heritage Symbol to Modern Fashion Staple

Plaid has been around since 100 B.C, and is now ubiquitous throughout global fashion. Learn about the history of plaid, how it originated in Scotland, was banned for almost 40 years and came to be associated with anti-establishment punks in the 1970s. 

Laura Moffat
Why We Use Corozo Buttons On Our Shirts

Corozo comes from the Tagua tree that grows in the lowland rainforests of Ecuador Peru, Columbia and Panama. Buttons made from Corozo are sustainable because the corozo nuts are durable, renewable and harvested naturally. 

Laura Moffat
Clothing Connection

An anecdote of the threads that tie Kelly to clothing. Although fashion was not a foregone conclusion for Kelly, or her grandfather, menswear appears to be a Sanders family tradition.

Stuart Sanders
How To Look Spiffy This Holiday Season

Not sure what to wear over the holidays with so many parties, family gatherings, and of course, New Year's Eve? Don't fret, we've put together some menswear-inspired style ideas to help you look spiffy this festive season. 

Laura Moffat